The lack of community

In Community, Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

The divide between our elders and youth within our community may be beyond repair. The elders don’t want anything to do with the youth and the youth don’t want anything to do with the elders. Is there even a way to fix it? I have reiterated the same thing almost two years ago but it seems as though the situation has only gotten worse. The community has only separated even further.

Yesterday as I was riding the metro home there were a bunch of young kids on the train with me. They were yapping their mouths and saying all kind of nonsense. Some were loud. Some were talking about being “Lit”. Someone said something about how they were twerking. Mind you these kids are no older than 13 maybe 14.

When they got off, an older gentleman said something about how he just looks at them, shakes his head and how they’re not his kids. Basically saying that he can care less as to how they act. I told him that they were his kids and this is our community that we are losing really bad.

I do understand both parties’ side as to why there is no love between the two. The elders feel as though like it is pointless to talk to today’s youth. Why¬†talk to kids when they are way too out of control? For instance when I had the rock thrown at my back. It makes you lose hope in our youth. Then on the other side, the reason why the youth are so wild is because they are imitating what they see from the elders. To be honest the elders are the ones who have dropped the ball. They are the reason why the youth are the way that they are.

I will go in one day on how the elders are the reason for this mess that we have but I am tired. Tired of being a warrior on the battlefield all by myself (Seriously! Where have all the soldiers gone?) and I’m just tired because it has been a long day.

P.S. In my opinion Hidden Figures was on point. Black Girl Magic has always been in effect.