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Since I am away from home and have to type this post from my mom’s iPad; I’m going to keep this rant short. I need to vent on how difficult it has become to use a library. About thirty minutes ago I went to the Wilkinsburg library (the same one that my family and I grew up using) to write the post that I was going to write if they would have let me use the computer, but since I haven’t been there in over four years I couldn’t remember my 14 digit library card number. So I asked the librarian if she could look it up. She asked if I had identification and I told her that I did but that it was a D.C. license. ¬†She told me that she wasn’t allowed to use that as a form of ID. Really though, even though it is not a PA license, it is a still a legal government mandated identification card and most libraries are government-funded. So what is the big deal?

They even give you a hard time at the libraries in D.C. too. The MLK library has conference rooms that you are able to reserve 24 hours in advance. The advance reservation makes sense because the conference rooms could come in handy if you had a meeting or some work you had to do with your peers, BUT if it is one hour before the library is going to close and there is no one in any of the rooms, why are you trying to make it so hard for me to use it now? Just let me use the got damn room. WTF!?! I’m only venting because this has happened to me and a friend on more that one occasion.

What makes it even worse at the MLK library, the books in the Black Studies section aren’t able to be checked out. So what you’re telling me is that the books that the people need to be reading won’t be read. I asked the librarian what the purpose of this was and she gave me some answer that wasn’t good enough so I can’t recall it at this moment. She did tell me that I needed to talk to someone higher up. And instead of ranting on here, that is what I am going to do; talk to someone higher up. I’ll shoot them this post as an email as well.

The more I think about the libraries of D.C. it makes me realize that I also need to put out a post entitle library etiquette and what it is. Because boy-oh-boy these people really don’t have any.

I want to end this post with a positive message. Even though I have had a few hiccups while using the library, I will never negate their importance to the people and the community. I wish we would use them to their full potential, by getting more involved in the politics of them. A lot of decisions that have negatively affected our communities have been made right inside of the local library. For instance, the Wilkinsburg library holds all of the local board meetings. They also have conferences and meetings where they invite the community in to voice their opinions and concerns.


  1. Interesting. Good for you for taking some action regarding the Black studies; I know #niggasdontread but a lot of Black people do. And it’s not just us that are interested in that subject. I believe it’s systemic and they wanna make it difficult.

    1. Author

      Hey Kelley, I hate it to say it but it’s a sad truth that #niggasdontread. If we were able to get those that don’t read to read, our problems would be solved overnight. Then again this system knows that therefore they make it hard to obtain the books that hold the keys to our mental freedom.
      Thanks for tuning in!

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