Life is Short

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Life is short! So, in a time where stupidity is inexcusable, due to the advent of technology (Smart phones) that literally puts all the answers in the palm of your hands; I’m chilling! From now on, I’m building with positive, productive, forward progressing, like-minded individuals. To quote the goddess over at, “People only hear you at their level of understanding anyway; it’s nothing personal.” Therefore I’m done stressing or “dwelling on the necessary changes I wish I could magically snap into existence.”

My man, Corey, left me a comment on the post Shots Fired and said, “That’s some real s*** bro…but n****s don’t hear you.” When they’re ready to listen and learn I’ll be here, chilling. Until then, I’ll be living by the motto, Go Hard or Die Easy! To the builders out there, let’s build!

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