Look Ahead

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Rob Franklin

I was watching the animal planet channel a few days ago and it’s amazing how animals operate on a daily basis. Each animal’s existence stems from the ability to balance the output and make decisions predicated on factors in the past. The animal strategically navigate thru life with precision. The tactics used are based on logic in which it deciphers how much to eat, when and where to hunt, how to gather or save its food supply, how to protect itself from several factors in its environment and has established parameter to place itself in the best position moving forward. We could learn a lot from animals because they are supreme diligent creatures they value each move made as if their lives depended on it.

If you’re a person that exude some of the characteristics of an animal, I’m proud of you. You separate emotion from logic and make sound decisions. Also, you align resources to achieve your objective based on ideas and concepts trusted from your own parameters. I encourage you to continue on your path because it will pay dividends and you will find yourself in a great position in the future.

We’re approaching another calendar year, its time to act on ways to better yourself. I’ll echo what Cliff said in a previous article “the time is always now” to empower your existence. Make 2017 your best year YET!! Cheers to new beginnings and internal growth. I’m excited to announce that I will be coming out with a health & wellness site very soon so stay tuned. Let’s grow and move to a better future together. As always, thank you brother Cliff for allowing me to bless this site. Peace and blessings to each and everyone. Thanks for your time, old man Rob out…