Random Health Tip: Magnesium Oil

Just a few health benefits of magnesium oil are: better sleep, improved skin, stress and joint pain relief, andĀ it boost energy. That is just a small list of magnesium oil’s benefits. For in-depth information on magnesium oil, click this link.

Magnesium Oil is a god send. I use it and I can vouch for how well it works. The stuff works so well that I bought my entire family a bottle. The brand I purchase comes in two fourĀ ounce spray bottles for about $16 dollars off of Amazon.

The majority of us are magnesium deficient. Even if you eat a bag of spinach every day you still wouldn’t be getting an adequate amount of magnesium in your system, due to the soil being depleted of its minerals.

You may be wondering why spray bottles and not supplements or pills. The best way to get all of magnesium oil’s benefits is transdermally. Meaning through our skin. Being that our skin is our biggest organ. This also means that you should be very weary of the lotions and soaps that you use in which are laden with chemicals. These chemicals are being ingested by your skin and go directly into your bloodstream. The best way to think about skin care products is: if you can’t eat it then it shouldn’t go on your skin.

Try it out. I promise that it won’t do anything but make you feel better.

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  1. Cliff, thanks for the education. I try to be on top of various health regimens. but, I’m not up on this one. I’m glad I saw this. I’ll look into it further.

    1. Post

      Cool I’m glad that I could help. The one I use is from a brand called Asutra. It can be found on Amazon. If you end up giving it a try, let me know what your results are. For me they were awesome.

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