We can all agree that life is full of ups and downs. We celebrate the good times and go thru the bad times. Plain and simple, life is not a destination but its a term deemed to be described as a journey “sort of like a marathon.” That is what brings me to the title of this article. Life and marathon are parallel in many ways. You should view them both in pieces, segments, checkpoints or whichever word you use to realize the notion that both are a process. Each must be broken down in order to obtain success.
I can attest to this because I’m currently training to run my first marathon..! Yeah, I’m going to run a marathon in 2018.. All 26.2 miles of it! Gulp, lol.. But anyway getting to my point, in order for me to succeed I must strategize. Planning for a marathon is much more than just showing up and running. I have to prepare my mind & body to endure what’s ahead of me. Moreover, I must know and put myself in a favorable position to thrive. I’m taking great joy in prepping for this feat because it’s a lot like how I view life. I prepare, strategize and execute.
So, I conclude by saying view life like a marathon. Do all that you can to succeed by taking everything day by day, step by step. Know your pace, challenge yourself, analyze what’s in front of you. You shouldn’t feel like life is an insurmountable feat.. Take control!! Brother Cliff, thanks for another year of good content and tapping into controversial subject matters to eradicate our people’s negative condition. Until next year, old man Rob out.

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