Men of Good Character

Men of Good Character

In Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

There is always a friendly competition between REAL men. We compete in everything we do from working out to sports to business to playing scrabble or anything that can be calculated and summed up. That’s just what we do. A little friendly competition is healthy. It forces those involved to try to be their best at whatever they’re competing at. On this particular day my brother, Brad, and I were competing on the court. You know how it goes, the older brother always has to beat on and show the younger brother that he will never be able to stick with him. Since I’m a couple weeks older than Brad, I had to get my M.J. on and show him how I got these rings.

So after a couple of games of me Jesus Christing (I mean crossing) him and his ankles were all sore and bruised; we made our way over to the park to get another workout in. (Please do not take your local park for granted. It usually haves everything you need in order to get a complete workout.) As Brad and I were doing pull ups, a young male around the age of five maybe six ran up to us and asked if he could do some pull ups with us. We gladly obliged. His mom was walking right behind him to keep her eyes on him, as all parents should. Me and Brad were cordial as we always are and said, “Hello!” to her. We asked her how she was doing; only to receive a stank faced response. We said, “Ok!” then continued to coach and encourage the little man to keep pushing and pulling. Before he got the chance to do a couple of pull ups his mom says, “Ahh c’mon! Let’s go!” Of course he’s says, “I want to stay and do some pull up!” But she was so mad at the world that she dragged him off and they walked to her car. She never thought of what she was doing to her son. At that moment she snatched away a spark of positivity from within his life. He was excited to workout. He was even more excited to be receiving positive energy from older black males. Males period, no race involved seek attention from older males.

I didn’t write this article to be about gangs. But the last paragraph speaks on why gangs even exist. Most men in gangs are in them because they were seeking that attention and love from a father or father figure in which they may have never received at home. So they go out and find that love in the streets. It’s not real love but when you never felt that agape love of a father or father figure, you can’t tell the difference. That agape love will have a man take a bullet for his son. (R.I.P. Mitch White) That street love will have you put a bullet in another man. Which love is real love: Agape or street?

I have a friend of mine who I love and would do anything for. This friend has a son. I’ve known her for a little over two years. She knows the content of my character and she knows everything that I am about. But it took close to two years for meet her young prince. I understand why she doesn’t want men around when I think about how foul some guys have treated our queens, our queens kind of become spiteful towards us all. But that is why we need to go back to the days of using our discernment of people. I and men like me are the type of men that should always be around our young males.  Not only are we positive role models we are the ones that will make sure your son doesn’t get out of line. We will be the ones that put one in his chest when he acts up. And I don’t mean the street love way of a bullet but of the agape love way of a fist. These young men want to know that there are men that care about them enough to discipline them and teach them when they are in the wrong. After a while a young male will lose that fear that he once had of his mother. Her whooping him and hollering at him just aren’t enough. This is where a man of good character plays his role.

We live in an age where the “Independent” woman mindset has swept the nation. There is nothing wrong with a woman being able to hold her own, work and take care of business. As a matter of fact I encourage that. I just don’t encourage that attitude of “I can do everything without a man” mindset; especially when it comes to the detriment of our young males. Please do not take this wrong. There are plenty of single women out there raising amazing kids all by themselves and I applaud each and every one of you. But in a perfect world, women need men just as much as men need women. We balance each other out and make each other whole. Plus let’s be honest women. You don’t have what little Anthony has downstairs. So how are you going show him how to properly use his pant’s zipper? And I don’t have what little Shenika has downstairs. So how could I tell her how to properly use a tampon? That’s the balance that kids need. Men and women of good character, raise children with good character as well. Just some food for thought.

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Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding!

Proverbs 13:24

P.S. I didn’t beat on my brother Brad THAT bad on the court.