Momma told me not to talk to strangers!

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Momma dropped some age-old wisdom on me when she told me not to talk to strangers.  She knew that a stranger couldn’t be trusted. She was just looking out for her baby. I’m pretty sure that everybody else’s momma hit them with the same wisdom. Then why do people love, trust, admire and adorn the people (strangers) that they see on TV?

Everyone that you have not met, nor looked into their eyes or even had conversation with is essentially a stranger. They can’t be trusted. Plus the television is filled with so many programs that input subliminal messages within the viewers mind unknowingly.

The purpose of subliminal messages are to get people to see then do and like things that they would have never thought of doing naturally. They implant ideas into the mind of the viewer/ listener without that person ever knowing that they have been imprinted on. Now buried deep within the mind of that person is a thought that isn’t theirs. And since our thoughts manifest into our reality. Our realities are being manifested by the handlers of the people who control the media that we listen to and watch.

I put a subliminal message in the picture of Mystery/ Mastery/ My-story. The easily spotted one is the color of my notebooks. They were red, black and green. Them colors represent the RBG flag. The other one that may mean nothing to you but it means something to the person implanting it (me): was the time on the clock. It was set to 11:30. 11:30 may just seem like the time to you, but to me it represents the day I incarnated on this planet. Now if I were to keep implanting this message into your mind, sooner or later you would start thinking about 11:30 or 11/30 as if it has a significance to you. In reality it never did but I would have planted the message so deep into your mind that you would believe it did.

And that is the danger in trusting the characters that you see on tv. The actors are just the faces that you see. At least you can see their faces. But they are playing a role that was written by someone who you would probably never see or know. A true stranger. If I could put such a simple subliminal message in a picture (a simple picture), just think of the type of messages that theses writers and producers are putting into the shows that you and your children so highly adorn.

If you want to see a brighter future for yourself and future generations, listen to your momma. Cut off the tv and minimize the attack of subliminal messages on your mind. So that you will be free. Free to think for yourself. Free to create for yourself and others. Be free. Momma knows best.



  1. Great point bro! I like how you framed television alongside the old childhood phrase that we shouldn’t talk to strangers. I never looked at it that way! We routinely allow strangers to persuade us. Excellent advice here!

      1. I’m watching TV right now and it just dawned on me, along your lines of reasoning, how strange it is that these people are even talking to me. Who in the blue hell are you!? It’s not like we elected them, lol. Good points man

  2. Love. Love. This message. I talk to my family (little cousins ) a lot about subliminal messages in music especially. Because I feel like that’s what a lot of people gravitate towards and repeat and really add to their life. Without even realizing the harm its doing

    1. Author

      Vonnie Von thanks for stopping by! A lot of people don’t realize that subliminal messages are in every form of media. Nor do they realize that as you said, they mold people’s character unknowingly. I hope that the people you convey this to take heed to what you have told them. Some times all we can do is plant the seed and hope that it blossoms.

  3. Message is well said in this article bro. Trust is such an essential and delicate state that should be earned. Our trust in people we don’t know shouldn’t come so easy. Rely on the principles that were given to you about trusting others.

    1. Author

      Thanks brother. And nearly everyone on TV is someone that we don’t know. They are ACTING. I don’t trust any of them.

    1. Author

      You ain’t lying! There is so much filth on the net that it’s ridiculous. The messages aren’t just in the media. We walk past signs and sigils that we do not even recognize everyday. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. And it all seems to promote negative. There is so much more love and peace in this world that we should be promoting. I know there issue negative but the media feeds off of it

        1. Author

          They more than feed off of it. They consistently promote it to the masses in order to keep us thinking negatively. They know that our thoughts manifest into our realities. When we think negatively we get negative outcomes in life. The media’s main purpose is to distract us from things that truly matter.

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