Money Without Knowledge Equals Jordan’s

In Community, Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

I used to think that all these famous and paid black people were fake (most of them still are) for moving out the hood and not bringing their money back to the hoods in which they came; but then reality hit me. Should they give their money to people who wouldn’t have a clue as to do with it? Don’t get me wrong, I do think that they should be using their money, power and fame to spread knowledge, build schools and community centers within our communities, but I don’t think they should just blindly hand their money right back to it without doing so first. Like the title says, “Money without knowledge equals J’s”. A couple of years back Dave Chappelle did a skit on this very topic. Black people were given reparations, but they end up squandering the money on foolishness, without investing a single penny. The actual investment was made by white people for giving us the money. They knew it would be given right back to them. We all laughed at the skit without realizing the depth of what he was speaking on. We have lost our sense of self so we don’t practice group economics anymore. Our dollar mentally leaves our hands before we even get it. Money will not get us out of our situation, knowledge and wisdom will though. Strive for those and the rest will come.

Hosea 4: 6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

I can go in for days on family and friends who don’t own a lick, but they got the latest J’s though. Not today though, I’m tired, hence the late post.

Go Hard or Die Easy!!!