Move like God does!

In Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

Maybe I don’t have any emotions, compassion or empathy towards other people. Sometimes I can come off like that if you are a meek personality type. But that is the furthest away from the truth. If you know me, you know that I am completely honest and blunt. And to be honest, to most people honesty hurts. To move like God does means to move and speak to people with honesty.

To me I find it more compassionate of me to be honest and upfront with people. Giving people the truth is better than shielding them with lies, because in the end lies don’t help that person to learn and grow. I wish more people were like that with me. Only a few of my closest friends truly keep it one hunnit as they say. My friends and I go hard and would like for other people to do the same. We want the best for everybody and we strive to live that out in our daily lives.

God, the Most High, the Supreme Architect, Divine Intelligence or whatever you call the being that created us all won’t lie to you. Neither will I. I’m working to move as God does.