To whom much is given!

In Truth by Cliff Green5 Comments

With the weight of the world on my shoulder
That’s why they call me “Hova”
I’m far from being God
But I work goddamn hard – Jay Z

I heard that I’m not responsible for the world twice in 24 hours. (Once from the goddess Kelley and the other time from my girl.) Every one is grown, so they make their own decisions. Therefore, I shouldn’t worry about them. That’s probably right but I’m just built like this. I guess that’s why I hit the weights: mental, physical and spiritual weights!

To whom much is given, much is required. So I’m going to keep hitting these pull ups, so that the weight won’t seem as heavy!


  1. I do not think you were built to carry the world on your shoulders, otherwise why would the rest of us be here? I remember as a child I always felt sorry for the mythical figure Atlas. Even then I knew what a hard job that must have been. And when did he ever get a chance to stand up straight?

  2. I don’t totally agree with that advice you received. I think it is not our responsibility – alone – to shoulder the world. But we should collectively do what we’re able to do. That makes it less of a burden for anybody. It’s like carrying a heavy box. If I grab one end and you grab the other, it’s so much easier for both of us. Maybe your end is heavier, or vice versus, but it’s still easier than if we tried carrying it alone. That’s how life is.

    1. That’s exactly what I meant, Will: he doesn’t need to carry the weight alone or always be on. We all should strive to make contributions -in whatever way fits who we are and the mark we want to leave- and he’s already doing his part.

    2. Author

      I feel you, she wasn’t telling me to give up or anything. She knows that I put work in and that work can be stressful. Sometimes I bear weight that I don’t have to. We all need to play our part tho.

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