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Am I crazy? I really stare at myself in the mirror and talk bad to myself sometimes. When I do something that I know that I am not supposed to do, I get angry at myself. No I am not stressing, I’m just me lining myself back up.

A friend once told me not to be so hard on myself. But I’m like if I’m not hard on me than who would be. I am not able to do all of the things that I am able to do from being easy on myself. I like to stay6+ on my toes. So I take responsibility for my actions or lack thereof. I hold myself accountable for everything that I do and don’t do.

In the end, I love myself to the fullest. I guess that’s why I go so hard. I know my capabilities and what I am able to accomplish. Therefore, I can’t let myself, God, family or friends down.

Go Hard or Die Easy isn’t just a motto that my gods and I live by, It’s a lifestyle and a choice. And I choose to go hard until the end of me.

Take care of yourSELF gods and goddesses!


  1. Cliff, it’s all about balance. Challenging self is normal. We need to confront ourselves or we’ll never grow. But if you do it too harshly it may hinder you more than it helps.

  2. What makes a person great at what they do or did is what they do when they’re alone and nobody is looking. All you have is yourself to keep you going. This article falls right in line with that statement.

    1. Author

      True! I am learnig to master myself. What’s done in the darkness will come to light. That doesn’t necessarily mean the things that you do that are not pure. Your hard work when no one is looking will shine through.

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