Mystery/ My-story/ Mastery

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If you aren’t writing by now, please go grab a pen and pad and start writing. Write whatever comes to mind. Write how your day went. Write about all the thoughts and emotions that came to your mind. Write about the things you see; the troubles you went through. Write about everything.

They say that the winners write history, which isn’t necessarily true; it’s just that the people who choose to write are writing his-story. No man or woman in their right mind would write their story and portray themselves as the loser. A little while back, a few of my friends were upset that all of the images that they see on the TV, and in movies happen to be of “white” characters. I understand where they are coming from, but I don’t share in their anguish. Simply because I write and I also don’t watch TV as well, so it doesn’t bother me; but I do understand that the people who are controlling everything that you see and hear in the media write. If I were to write a story or movie (I already have) of course it would feature all “black” characters.  You can’t be mad at someone for using their time and brain wisely in order to be on top. You should be moor mad at yourself for not doing the same!

To get to the title of this post and why I started off telling you to write, is because who is writing your story. Mystery/ My-story/ Mastery. When you know the etymology of these three words, you will understand that they mean the same thing in one way or another! The mystery that is you, is your story (my-story). Writing also plays a big role in conquering (mastering) yourSELF. Once you conquer yourself the world will be your footstool.

The Quran and the Bible were WRITTEN. They have the majority of the world following or thinking that they are following what is written in them. Also most of your favorite musicians write their music and look how big of a following that they have. So for anyone to negate the importance of writing and reading is foolish. Writers rule the world!!!

Checkers or Chess? The writers and visionaries out there are more than likely playing chess. It’s time to play the right game and play it correctly! Go grab a pen and pad and be on the winning team!

How will your mystery be told?

Go Hard or Die Easy!

P.S. I put two subliminal messages in this post’s picture. Just think if I can do that with a picture. What messages are being taught to you and your children while watching TV?


  1. Well brother Cliff always a pleasure to read your weekly posts even though I usually don’t leave comments but they always get me motivated and thoughts stimulated.
    Today I figured I would add a point. I have preached for years that writing is a form of meditation, a way to decompress even. When something is bothering you putting it on paper helps well at least helps myself getting things off my chest or venting to myself. Depending on the severity and content no other eyes may ever see the writings but they prevent me from suppressing negative energy. I encourage anyone to do the same release your feelings on paper, read it and let it go if it is something you don’t want released to the world shoot burn it discard.

    Thanks black man!

    1. Author

      Brotha D, I appreciate your comment. You brought up a great point about writing to relieve yourself of negative energy! I pray someone reads your comment and is motivated to write. Thanks brotha!

  2. It’s so important to expand your horizons and strive to achieve more in life..! WRITING is an excellent way to utilize your time.! In my opinion, you owe it to yourself to try to maximize your existence! Thanks for the article.

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