No Distractions

In Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

These companies are out of their minds with the way they keep inflating the price on everything. I say that because I no longer have the internet in my home. I cut it off because Comcrash raised the bill exorbitantly. And I’m not having it.

That is one less bill that I have to deal with. Having the internet can be a distraction. Have you ever been looking at this but then all of sudden are looking at that? I have. It is because even though you may have got on the computer, laptop, or tablet with the intention of accomplishing one goal, being the goal oriented person that you are lead your mind to flip to another one in the vast world of opportunities in or on the internet.

I thought that I was creative when I cut the TV off for good, pssh! I have been on another level these past couple of weeks. With one less distraction in my way, I  want to see how focused I truly can be. If you are reading this, you will see the results soon. I promise that!

Until then, Go Hard or Die Easy!