note to self

Note to Self

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I have to learn how to take out all of the distractions that this life brings. I  can’t continue to listen to music and think that it doesn’t influence me to think and act out in certain ways. I been stopped watching television so I can check that off of my list. I also have to cut my internet usage way back. Even though most of the time when I am watching something on the internet it is for learning purposes, I still am watching someone else; someone else who put the time in to research and learn the subject at hand. Why can’t I crack open the same books and learn the information for myself? I can but I have let the internet make me somewhat lazy and distracted.  I have to step away from people who do not have the same goal sets and ideals. I will let them know that now is a time in my life that I really need to work on me. When those same people ask me how I have gotten to the level of success and well-being that I am at, I will be able to show them because I have been leading by example. Self-discipline and self-mastery is the only way that I will succeed in this lifetime and accomplish all of the goals that I have set for myself.

Note to SELF!

Go hard or die easy!