It was all for nothing! (Prelude)

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Mr. King, did you really have a dream?

“Yeah, but it was all for nothing!”

Mr. X, did you really want freedom by any means?

“Yeah, but it was all for nothing!”

The premise of this poem will be to convey that we as a people in this day and age have let our ancestors down. With all the greats that have come before us, we still live and act as if they didn’t pave a better way for us.¬†We can not say that we know who these people are then not live accordingly. It is disrespectful! My purpose is to bring back their message and pay homage to the gods that came before us.

This poem is far from finished. I have a lot of studying to do before I can put the complete piece out, but I can use your help. In the comment section, please name some of our great and powerful ancestors and what they were known for. I will implement as many of them as I can to make this message hit home.

Actions speak louder than words. Let’s show our ancestors¬†that they did not live and die in vain.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the final piece!


  1. Langston Hugh’s,is the perfect expressions in poetic form of his foresight of the plight of our people in their own land,you are my son whom I love dearly,your brightly lit light shines in a darkness with no sight of reception and yet still you shine.covered in blackness un-received,yet your light shine our Queens are lost in their own love that doesn’t even love themselves yet they love and create even more darkness not feeling loved,a perpetual endless darkness until you return home to the path before you.stumbling in darkness to fall in your happiness by chance,turning from the light that brings lasting joy falling haply for not. these are my words but and example of his hyperbole,forgive my attempt and just letting you know I do not always but do read your writings.

  2. Great article for dialogue cliff. One group I can think of that is known but not talked about enough are the Tuskegee airmen.

  3. Definitely that MLK Jr. quote I mentioned to you about men not wanting to think.

    Poetry is hard. I suggest staying up until 3 or 4a.m; that’s when my juice starts flowing.

    1. Author

      It’s crazy how these men have prophesied these things and we still haven’t taken heed.
      Yes it is! It’s really hard!
      And same here. I stay up late because my wheels are always turning. Thanks kelley for always feeding my brain.

  4. “Your dreams have been stripped and dumped down from our oppressors.
    We have to acknowledged our embarrassment
    To our ancestors”

    Maybe a line like that. I dunno. I am embarrassed as a black man today. As a whole I’m embarrassed. For every wrong thing we do, we are judged by that action. For every time someone displays “coonery” It’s a step backwards.

    1. Author

      So true brother! It’s not the embarrassment of thinking white people will see it. Don’t be a coon around me (a black man) and your fellow black peers.
      I was waiting for the metro one day and this young black lady went up to some younger black females and told them to quiet down. She said something about white people already looking at us crazy. Which is true, but we need to get our act together for us. It shouldn’t take for a white person to be around for us to want to act right. That’s an inferiority complex.
      It’s definitely time that we move forward, but somehow in this day and age a lot of us don’t even know a lick about our past. And a tree without roots can’t grow.

      1. We are conditioned and trained to be wanted in white culture. From Christianity, to holidays, to beauty, to language we want to be white so bad, we denounce our African roots and heritage. Even rap music and entertainment. Majority of it does not help our people. Black culture is deeper than (insert any token black history month figure here i.e. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks etc) We are the only race on the planet where it’s acceptable to not know your roots. Japanese Americans know their roots. Samoans know their roots. Etc. Do you think young Thug knows who Mansa Musa was?

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