Opportunity Awaits

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Learn how to take advantage of every opportunity that is placed in front of you! My friend and I were talking a couple of days back and he came at my neck about my intellectual capabilities. He told me that I was very smart but that I was not a genius. I begged to differ but after I heard him out, I understood where he was coming from. He told me that the only difference between myself and the people who were around me is that I APPLIED myself! He went on to break down different ways in which I applied myself over the years in order for me to get to where I am at today and it all made sense.

MOST of the things that happen in our lives that are either positive or negative, happen to us by our own doing! In my case, my success didn’t happen over night. It happened after years of me staying focused on the goals I had. I was consistently and constantly working towards my goals everyday until an opportunity arose. When that opportunity arose I took it and never looked back. Nor did I let the fear of the unknown keep me from taking the opportunities that arose. To some people it may look like I have achieved a lot; to me it has just begun! It has only just begun because I now know how to look for the opportunity in every experience!

I wrote about fear before and how it is one of the most crippling things in our lives. My question to the doubtful or fearful people, how could you fear something that you don’t know about or hasn’t happened. You do not know what lies on the other side of the door when opportunity knocks. You may never know if you allow fear to stop you from at least opening that door. Do you not have faith in yourself and the capabilities that the Creator of the universe has instilled in you?

Opportunity is all around you, I hope you have the courage to take it!


  1. So many true statements in this article. We have to be diligent, courageous and willing to endure obstacles. The power we get within is from the most high… Believe and achieve..!!

    1. Author

      Yes Sir! You can’t shy away from challenges and think that you are going to win because you didn’t face them. You’ll end up becoming stagnant. God put us here to be great. Anything other than greatness is a purpose unfulfilled.

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