There are people who still care!

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I was riding through my old hood back home and as I always do I was paying attention to all of the empty lots, abandon houses and littered filled streets that permeate the neighborhood. And to be real I was getting a little depressed. It seems as though I am the only one who can see what is happening to the hood. It feels like no one even cares. There have been plenty of times that I took a rake, broom and bags and cleaned up the block or walked down the street to clean up a lot. But at times it seems as if all of the work that I do and have done seem to be for nothing.

There is one lot in particular about a half a block down the street from my mom’s house that has been killing me for quite some time now. I tried to get at it before but it was too much for me to handle so the trash just piled right back up since I have been away. When I rode past it earlier in the day I was thinking about ways that I could clean it up but to be honest I thought about giving up on it; even though I will never give up, the thought crossed my mind. I kept asking myself why do I continue to fight for and clean up after people who don’t care about themselves or their environment. 

The thought of giving up really crossed my mind until I was driving back up the street when I noticed a lady with a rake and a young man with a shovel in his hands. So I pulled up to my mom’s house, got out of the car, looked down the street and to my surprise they were walking over to the very same lot I had been plotting on. So I had to I walk down to see what’s up.

What do you know, they were about to clean up the lot! WOW! God really throws curve balls at you! It was like God showing me a sign that all is not lost. There are still people out here putting in work. I had to introduce myself to them!

The lady’s name is Jewell and her son’s name is Julian. As we were talking I explained to them how I almost felt like giving up until I saw them. And how they relit that spark inside of me. What made the conversation even better is that they are up on knowledge. To only be 15 years old Julian is beyond his years in wisdom. To meet a young man who is aware of and can speak on the problems we face is rare. That goes back to good parenting and giving your child direction. We talked for a while then I exchanged my information with them and let them know that I would be more than willing to help when I come back into town.

All is not lost. There are people out here that truly care. Even though it seems as if finding them at times is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are out here! If you care enough, please leave a comment in the section below.

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  1. We crawl before we walk…we walk before we run. Maybe by setting an example…while people were driving past in their cars, while people were parking their cars with rims and tented windows directly next to the trashed lot that was being cleaned, while people were standing on their porch smoking cigarettes and watching….hopefully next week; the next time my son and I go back to finish cleaning up, more people in the COMMUNITY will get involved. Peace n blessings.

    1. Author

      Thanks for you insightful comment. There will definitely be more people, because I will be one of them! Let’s continue to build!

  2. I’m glad to hear that there are people that carry out their words in positive ACTION.. I hear people complaining about issues all the time.. But majority of those people do nothing to solve those problems. Actions speak louder than words.!

    1. Author

      A lot of people just like to run their mouth and sound “good”. I’m done with the all the rhetoric. You either about building or you’re getting left!

  3. That’s awesome. Hopefully it motivates others in the neighborhood to do the same. I did City Year years ago where we would do clean ups and other projects in the city. They taught us that you can’t just go into a neighborhood and clean it and think it will be ok but you need to get the community involved. I get that this is your neighborhood, but just wanted to share that it’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. I guess it’s like helping people, they have to want to be helped and making effort or otherwise you will just end up enabling people or letting them manipulate. But yes, it’s shows that sometimes it really only takes that one person to make a difference. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thank you for commenting! I really hope someone reads your comment and it sparks a fire within them! I definitely don’t want to enable anybody! I should’ve went a little more in depth with this post, but seeing the young man Julian working, I gave him 20 bucks because of his involvement. I will always reward hard work especially from young men. Once I get situated I plan to pay young men to clean up lots and do other landscaping task. Giving them more of a stake of what’s happening in their community and around them. I hope that the image of them working on the lot was planted in an onlookers mind and that it gave them courage to go do the same thing.

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