A picture is worth a thousand words!

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A picture really is worth a thousand words. I’ll leave this here for your interpretation.


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      Man bruh! This war is deeper than what most can or are willing to see. I’ve been told that I’m too militant. And to be honest in the recent years I have toned back. Due to feeling like the only soldier out here and what’s the point of being a dead soldier. Cause as I wrote a few post ago, “It was all for nothing!” Malcolm was on the list of it being all for nothing. We still parade around as if none of these ancestors came before us. And the powers that be, and all other races of people just laugh at us.

      1. I feel you. I’ve posed a semi-rhetorical question for years no one knew how to react to, which was: “How many people do you think really took action after a speech by Malcolm, MLK, Marcus Garvey, whoever?” I always ask that because as a people sometimes it feels like we just want to hear something to pacify us.We agree with the speech, get riled up, go home and go back to regular life. It’s frustrating, because as a people we have so much potential.

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          So true! I think, well I know that black people don’t want to actually put in the work. Because it’s hard work. It’s easier to eat the crumbs off of another man’s plate than it is to make your own. We have potential but are too bogged down by today’s lifestyle to explore it and put it out there. Plus then again a lot of us are really just scared.

          1. Scared may be it. Eating crumbs off of another mans plate makes sense as well. Could be a combination of both. Either way it’s frustrating.

      1. maaaan can you imagine?! It’s so much history, anger, and passion in this one city. I’m sure there are little nuggets of symbolism all over the place!

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          I am sure there is! I love Chicago. When I went the first time I was there for enjoyment, plus my eyes weren’t this in tune with what was going on around me. If you catch something snap a picture of it.

  1. Malcolm and Martin , W.E.B Dubois and Marcus Garvey all where great activist as well of many other but have u ever question why u most people and school always praise mlk

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      Believe me brother, I do all of the time. No disrespect to any of my ancestors but I am under the thought that he was an agent. They used him to pacify, then integrate us in order to better control us. What are your thoughts on him?

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      Yes it’s in the hood! There are subliminal and direct messages everywhere. The powers that be move in code. The picture conveys a deep and powerful message that is deeply ingrained in the bystander’s mind. This one right here is in Southeast D.C. It is telling the people that Malcolm X is a DEAD END! There is No Outlet in going that way. If you recall their whole goal is to keep us from birthing anymore messiahs or messengers. That is why one block down, we have MLK ave. Where these streets meet we have a liquor store, Popeyes, America’s Best Wings and “Convenient” stores that feed the people poison and death.
      Now think about the thousands upon thousands of people that walk by Malcolm X street and are being hit with a message and don’t even know it. We are at war. Most of us don’t even know it. This is psychological, physical and mental war.

      1. Yes you are right. I ok I was right than. When I saw the picture, I thought, “Oh Malcolm X Blvd in the hood of course” But I was also thinking is there something else I’m missing. Like I don’t get memes too often so I was like is this a meme? The only positive Martin Luther King Jr street I’ve ever heard of, is here in San Francisco inside of Golden gate Park. There’s museums, conservatories, gardens, etc. Yes it’s subliminal advertising at its finest but also Our local leaders have done us wrong also. Buy not paying it forward and teaching their youth about recirculation of black wealth. Maybe I have very high standards of our people, but Popeyes, Dollar tree, mcdonalds, liquor stores are a monopoly. How do you disband a monopoly? Simple. Just don’t go to those places. Unfortunately we have been dealt a bad hand and we have to inconvenience ourselves so this cycle can break. If you’re tired of what’s on BET simply read a book or play a board game. We also have to honor other blacks who opinions differentiate from others. That’s our fault. Malcolm and Martin had 2 different philosophies. W.E.B Dubois and Marcus Garvey etc. We can never agree to disagree and still be cordial afterwards.

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          I have very high standards for us as well and it hurts to not see them being upheld. It’s very stressful at times. One reason why our so-called “leaders”have done us wrong is because most of them have already been bought and paid for. They’re playing for the other side in the guise of being a sheep. And to your last comments, you are 100 percent correct. That is part of the reason why we will never heal as a community. It seems to be impossible for us to be cordial to one another even if we do share the same opinion, someone’s ego tends to fly out the window and voila down goes another little bit of progress.

          1. Preach. I’m, at this day where I will hear any brotha or sistahs pain, strife, struggle etc but I ultimately ask them and myself “What are you going to do about it?” 400 years 9f oppression will probably take 200 years just to scratch the surface.

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            True. I don’t like when people cry about the situation but aren’t willing to do anything to better it. You’re right on the 200 years. I’m just trying to speed up the progress/ process.

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