Please back up and just chill!

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Please back up and just chill! There is one thing that I hate the most and that is people who drive too close to the person in front of them. Back up! Give yourself some time to react if something unexpected were to happen. (I’ll be posting something on reactive vs proactive people soon. But be proactive!) Or are you that person who thinks that by driving extremely close to the person in front of you that person is going to speed up or switch lanes?

Let’s THINK about that for a second. If you’re in that much of a rush you can switch lanes and go around that person. Voila that’s the end of that problem. Or let’s say that person in front of you is the type of person that slams on the brakes in order for you to hit them because they know that the person who rear-ends someone most likely will lose in court. Now think about it. You may be injured from the incident. Hospital bills. You will have to go to court. Court bills. Car needs fixed. Car bills. All of which would’ve been avoided if you would’ve just backed up!

Plus you have to be mindful of other people’s situations. Maybe they’re not speeding down the road because they have children in the backseat. They value theirs and the people around them lives. Or maybe they’re not speeding because they have grown wiser and now see the foolishness in speeding. But whatever it is fall back. Take your time and cruise. That’s not just with driving. That’s in life. You won’t see the beauty in anything if you’re always flying by. So back up, readjust your mirrors and chill god.

That’s my spiel for today. Thanks for tuning in.

Peace and love to you and yours!

Happy birthday to my brother Jason’s daughter Alana! I love you and I wish you a million more joyful, happy, love infested birthdays!


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      Lol! This happens to me nearly every time I comment! I be done left plenty of “excuse my multiple comments” comments on other blogs! If it did duplicate I’ll just keep it to make it look like I am getting a lot of comments. Lol!

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      Yes us great minds do think alike! Lol! I figured you might appreciate this! People be doing way too much on the road! So thoughtless and careless of what everybody around them may have going on! People need to fall back and relax!

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