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In the recent years we have witnessed our youth go through a sudden phase of pill popping to get high. I think I know why this has happened. It all stems from our school system. That’s a radical statement to make but read this quick story of my childhood and you may come to the same conclusions as I have.

My name is Fred Harper III. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Life was beautiful back then. Until one day my life suddenly went thru a drastic change around the age of 10, when my mother decided to up and move from Pittsburgh all the way to Alabama, in search of a better life. I was devastated. I had already established my life in the burgh. I had friends, family and probably my childhood sweetheart that I looked forward to seeing every day at school. I was already set in my ways as well. I’m an up north city boy; I didn’t have any business being down south.

When I got there it was immediately noticeable to me how different things were. My first day of class in the Alabama school system was a complete culture shock. I went from a classroom filled with Moors (Black people), to only having 5 of us in a classroom of 22 students. I remember the number so vividly because I didn’t have many friends in the beginning. This southern environment differed so much from what I was used to. Up north, kids develop faster due to the faster paced lifestyle. Growing and maturing faster does not always equal a good thing, but I digress.

I was treated so differently at this new school, a school that was predominantly Caucasian. I naturally didn’t like some of the same things that the other students liked. I viewed life differently than them. Being that my teachers were Caucasian as well they naturally didn’t understand my behavior or why I was getting into fights. The real reason was because the kids were calling me names and using racial slurs such as calling me a nigger and a monkey. So without thought or consideration the teachers labeled me as a bad student and never took the time to learn who I was. They took it to another level when they put me through a series of test that would falsely conclude that I had Attention Deficit Disorder or better known as ADD. They then prescribed me Ritalin, the drug of choice back in those days.

My mother allowed me take the Ritalin medication because the teachers said it was best for me. All she wanted was the best for me, hence the reason we moved to the south. She had no clue that the pills would have such a negative effect on me. She like most young black parents are clueless of the negative impact these medications have on children. Ritalin depleted my soul, mind and body of everything it had. I felt like the pills were killing me. I used to get stomach and headaches all the time. I never felt like myself when I was taking the pills.

Out of nowhere one day I had a voila moment; I thought to myself, I am not sick, my head doesn’t hurt, neither does my stomach, so I spit out the pill I was supposed to take and told myself that I was not taking them anymore. Taking the pills didn’t make any sense to me; my grades were good with or without the Ritalin.

Making the decision at the age of twelve to never take pills again, was one of the best decisions of my life. Today, Ritalin is off the market and they no longer diagnose people with ADD. They have changed the disease’s name from ADD to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

There is a high correlation between adult drug abusers and kids that were medicated with “behavioral” drugs. Once you are on drugs such as Ritalin and many others, your body starts to have chemical reactions and cravings for these drugs. I believe the recent craze of popping Molly’s and ecstasy pills, stem from growing up in a school system that has our youth popping pills from an early age. It introduces the idea of taking a pill as the cure to your problems. Not saying that all people are or were popping ecstasy and Molly’s to heal their problems, they may have been taking them for partying purposes. But either way the use of drugs has already been introduced and pushed into a lot of our kids’ psyches from an early age. This makes for an easier transition into a life of drugs for a person who took prescribed medications as a child to an adult who is now taking street medications.

Who knows what would have happened if I had stayed on that poisonous medication. Would I still be a college graduate who is trying to warn you of the dangers of taking medications or a drug addict? It is my prayer that the kings and queens with children take the time to listen to your child; you know what may be wrong with your child. Please don’t let another person diagnose your child with a disease that more than likely isn’t true. Most times they prescribe these drugs to our children as means to receive more funding from the state. A lot of teachers especially those who don’t genuinely care, will do anything (i.e. prescribe unnecessary medications) to your child to make their day easier, just so they can get a check. More than likely there is nothing wrong with your child, and if there is, please do not allow for another person to tell you so. Take the time with your kid to find out what may be troubling him or her.

I have a child now and I will do anything to prevent the cycle. If you are in a situation where the school is telling you that your little prince or princess need to take drugs for behavioral reasons, please thoroughly research the ill effects these drugs have on children. These drugs can also cause a man to be impotent and docile in which I believe is part of a larger plan. Lock up the strong men, while making the young men docile and not able to produce more men. If my goal was to control a population, I would do the same thing.

If you have kids and are interested in learning more on this subject, please do a YouTube search of Dr. Umar Johnson. Watch as many lectures of his that you can. I promise that you and your child will greatly benefit from his information.

Let’s work to keep our kids off of pills and away from a life of drugs whether it is prescriptions or street meds. Give your kid a pill of love, truth and honesty and they will live a prosperous and righteous life. Thanks for reading and tell me a similar story in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Fred interesting read, but I question your choice of words in the article. You use the term “moor”, and in parentheses use the word black people. I’m afraid the definition of the word has been forgotten. A moor is traditionally used to describe a Muslim African, specifically a person of African nationality with Muslim religious background, and possible mixed ethnic background. The term for many years was considered pejorative.

    The terms ADD and ADHD are interchangeable, so I’m not quite sure what the significance is.

    Keep the blog going. This is important writing.

  2. Great Article!
    Just recently, a friend of mine was doing a work study program at a high school here in Maryland. Her major is early childhood education, so one of the classes they signed her up for was special education. She said, her experience in that class made her reconsider if teaching in the public school system was something she really wanted to pursue. When I asked why? She said, because none of those kids suffered from a physical or mental disability. Most of them were simply there because they were put out for being a disruption to the classroom environment. What made matters worse was when it came down to instruction the teacher let the teenagers choose how much work they wanted to do. Which I might add was very little. When questioned about why she allowed the kids to read so little? Her response was ‘They can’t handle it.’ It’s to much for them.’ (But really is it? or is it that our school system is not challenging our young black men and women?) First, they diagnose you with the symptom then they kill your spirit with the venom. It’s poison to the mind and body and this is the school system.
    But in relation to your article, the misdiagnosis of children whether it be medical related or psychologically it affects their outlook about the world and themselves. Like you stated, “You don’t know how you would have been had you stayed on ritalin.’ Just imagine how our kids are feling?

    Peace, Great article btw 🙂

  3. Great article Fred.

    Some of these kids also see their parents popping pills and getting high. End of the day it starts on the Homefront. Like you said, parents need to get educated before they become advocates for “man-made” cures for so-called issues.

  4. Great Article. I completely agree. Keep spreading the word my brother.

    1. Author

      Thanks and I will keep spreading the knowledge. These are difficult times for our race. We need more people to take a stand for what they believe in. Please stay tuned, more articles are coming.

    1. Author

      Thanks for taking the time out to read. Please stay tuned in to the website because an article comes out every Wednesday.

  5. Good work Fred. I feel this is a problem amongst our youth that we are being misunderstood and falsely” diagnosed”. Americans are very impatient and are look for sudden results. I was always told “patience is bitter, but the fruits are sweet”. That teacher did t take time to get to know you, PLUS you were in the south in the 90’s. That’s like the 70’s in the north. Lastly, not to discredit your article, which was well written, but I also feel this new wave is connected with being part of the “in crowd” as well. But that another story for another article. God bless bro

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading King. I understand where you’re coming from. I can only speak on what I witnessed in my experiences.

  6. Fred this is absolutely amazing. I’ve been in mental health for two years ,and I absolutely agree with what you are saying. We need more black men like you…

    1. Author

      Thanks! There are MOORs like me all around the U.S. we just need to come togather to build and teach each other. Be sure you stay tuned in a article comes out every Wednesday.

  7. This was a very good article. It placed some very important things into perspective for many people to think about. Education is important! Keep up the good work.

    1. Author

      Thanks!I am glad if you could get something out of it. Stay tuned in a article comes out every wednesday.

  8. Fred,this article gave a very good reasoning for this pill popping epidemic. I don’t have a personal experience with this subject but I most definitely can relate and understand do to the fact that my mother is a teacher of children. As a child I remember vividly my mother and father would talk about this drug called retilan and how much it disgust them and also how much it stripped some of your childhood away. It in a sense turned you into a zombie of some sort. Everything you explained in this article makes total sense,children soak up the most information knowingly and subliminally. You are exactly right when saying that all it does is teach you that you can take a pill to get through anything,which is totally wrong. I for one am very happy that you at a young age made the decision to stop with the poison they were feeding you. You are a father and so am I along with many of our friends,we need to continue to learn so we can teach what is not taught in our school system. Thank you Fred Harper for insightful article!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the feed back. We just have to be more accoutable for our own I do thank god for where I am from with that tough background i would be lost.

    1. Author

      Thanks! stayed tuned in the site will have an article coming out every week.

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