Quit protesting and let’s teach our kids to be Pro-test!

In Community, Knowledge, POWERgraph, Truth by Cliff Green

Really! Did you expect a different outcome? Did you really expect a system that wasn’t built for you to actually serve you justice? You are protesting in the street like that is going to change the verdict. it’s funny to me because I’m willing to bet that the majority of you go broke, supporting this very same system, this BLACK Friday. So please quit complaining, quit whining and quit protesting if you’re not going to do anything REAL about it. How about we teach our kids to be PRO-TEST, meaning let’s teach them to be pro academia? Teach them the importance of attaining an education. And how to use the knowledge that they obtained to advance themselves and the people around them.

I also propose that we put a BLACK hole in their pockets. Don’t go shopping this Black Friday. It should just be a one day thing either. Quit spending your money with them period, unless it is a necessity. When you shop support Black Owned businesses. Is little Marc or little Keisha going to be mad that he/she didn’t get a gift this upcoming HOLYday (Holiday) or will they be angrier later on in life, when they realize that we as people have never stood as one?