Quit protesting and let’s teach our kids to be Pro-test!

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Really! Did you expect a different outcome? Did you really expect a system that wasn’t built for you to actually serve you justice? You are protesting in the street like that is going to change the verdict. it’s funny to me because I’m willing to bet that the majority of you go broke, supporting this very same system, this BLACK Friday. So please quit complaining, quit whining and quit protesting if you’re not going to do anything REAL about it. How about we teach our kids to be PRO-TEST, meaning let’s teach them to be pro academia? Teach them the importance of attaining an education. And how to use the knowledge that they obtained to advance themselves and the people around them.

I also propose that we put a BLACK hole in their pockets. Don’t go shopping this Black Friday. It should just be a one day thing either. Quit spending your money with them period, unless it is a necessity. When you shop support Black Owned businesses. Is little Marc or little Keisha going to be mad that he/she didn’t get a gift this upcoming HOLYday (Holiday) or will they be angrier later on in life, when they realize that we as people have never stood as one?


  1. Thanks to you, I didn’t shop for black friday. I bought one shirt and that was a couple days before if that counts.
    Naw, Im just kidding it wasn’t all because of you but I will agree that we as a race and people have to stop shopping so damn much. Or if we want to shop learn how to shop and when to shop. It’s okay to like designer things if you fancy, but catch it on the clearance or rather at the thift store. ijs
    WE HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO KEEP OUR MONEY IN OUR POCKETS. Who we trying to impress? We look good, but our pockets lent fresh. LOL
    In order to make an impact and hit em in they pockets don’t just protest black friday. Do it for a few months. Shit, do it for a year. Stack your bread people. Thats all I have to say.
    I aint gone preach cliff!


    1. Author

      Queen Tequillia! That’s all we do is look good. We need to start thinking as good as we look.

  2. “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” (Frederick Douglass) We have to teach our generation and the following generations to come they should not be another Naïve Individual Gloryfing Greed and Encouraging Racism without taking a stand. Many people complain about issues/situations that occur but like you said what are you doing to create a CHANGE? We need more people to not only talk about it but BE ABOUT IT. Many people use social media as a platform to rant and voice their opinions which is great. It’s kind of sad people do not know that our words/actions hold more weight outside of these social networks if we take the positive steps. Too many people rant about a situation for a few days then they FORGET about the situation and wonder why CHANGE has not occurred. CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU. We need more people to take the appropriate actions outside of the social media realm in order to see a positive change therefore, all the posts people put up and talk with no action will only fall on deaf ears and nothing will be done. Great post!

    1. Author

      Queen Tay, thanks for commenting. Your comment is a POWERgraph. Let’s pray that the people are taking heed to your wisdom.

  3. We as a people need to get our selfs educated not necessarily college but a trade keep the money in our families and communities hit them wear it hurts Try to consciously buy black We are a intelligent people Lets use the brains and intelligentsia that Jehovah gave us

    1. Author

      My favorite queen, my mom! That is exactly what I was trying to portray. Thank you for your insight.

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