Raising kids in today’s world.

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Kids are so pure, untainted and free from all of the ills that plague society. They come into this earth with a clean slate. They are filled with abundant love, joy and every other good characteristic that we as humans have. They laugh. They cry. They play. They are the most inquisitive beings, with imaginations that are unfathomable to the average adult.

I hate to see a beautiful child with all the potential in the world be neglected by their parents. It really saddens me. But as the days go on, I seem to notice it more and more. Parents hollering and cursing at their child with pure animosity as if they were hollering at an adult. Kids trying to get their mom’s attention but she is to busy listening to the music coming through her headphones. What’s even worse is when parents play that trash cRap music around their children; unaware that their children are soaking up every last message that cRapper is saying. Now that once innocent child is filled with those ills that I spoke about in the beginning of this post.

If you have kids or are around kids are you doing all the things that you tell them not to do? For instance, my friend who has a son smokes cigarettes. He better believe that his little man is watching him and that he will only emulate what he has seen his dad do. If his son starts to smoke one day, how is my friend going to tell him that he shouldn’t? Even if he list all the negative facts about smoking to his son; his son will just look at him and ask, “If you know all of that, then why do you do it?” The ills that plague the parent are passed on to the next generation and so on and so on.

I used cigarette smoking as an example but there are many more to be given. As I stated earlier, kids are born with a clean slate with no hate in their heart. It is a learned behavior that they get from their parents and the people around them the most. If we want our kids to be great we must also be great ourselves. They are watching and analyzing everything that we do. We have to look within ourselves to see if we have those ills deep within our minds and hearts and if we do, do we portray them to the world? Because we better believe that these children are watching and looking to us for examples to live by.


  1. Any being that’s responsible for raising another being should really soak this information in.. Positive habits equal positive results. Negative habits equal negative results. Enough said…!

    1. Author

      Thank you Kelley! And just like most people, they hate when you keep telling them to do something that you haven’t done yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

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