Ratchets are necessary for our survival!

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Yes, your read that right. Ratchets are necessary for the survival of the black man and women. That probably sounds crazy but it is so true. Think about it. Us so-called “educated” folks aren’t having kids. Even though all the evidence proves that the powers that be conspire to wipe us from the face of the earth. We still aren’t having as much kids as we should be. This is where the ratchets play a valuable role in our survival. They keep popping kids out left and right. Even though we would like for them to have their lives in order before they have kids, maybe that’s not what the Most High has planned.

Just something to think about.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to comment below.

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  1. lol your random thoughts always give me something interesting to ponder. Funny how we all play an important role in society, even when society tries to convince us otherwise.

    1. Author

      Lol. I’m glad that I could tickle your fancy! LMAO! That’s true. We all have a role even when everything else says otherwise.

  2. Maybe it’s an age thing, but, I had to look up the word Ratchet because I instinctively knew it must be a “new” word. So I found it in the urban dictionary. Lack of respect for these “types” of women as Women may be part of the problem. March is Women’s Month according to some, to seriously celebrate the role of women. & not play into the use of demeaning words such as “Ratchets”. There are many women who do not have their lives in order before they have babies (me), for various reasons. My mother’s term was “slut”. I just don’t like the terminology. Thanks for letting me comment.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Green your comments are always appreciated. I hope the site hasn’t blocked you from commenting in the past, because I sure haven’t. Ok lets get to the meat and potatoes. Ratchet isn’t a derogatory term towards women. Both men and women alike can be ratchets. For instance the guy who said something to me when I stepped off the train was dumb, young, and ratchet. Ratchet is a mentality. A mentality in which we aim to heal and fix.
      Having a baby before you are ready doesn’t deem you as a ratchet or. Again its the mentality that people have that makes them a ratchet. I was just iterating that the people with this mentality seem to be having all of the kids. And I applaud them for doing so. They are playing the role that the Most High has them here for. Us so-called “educated” folks aren’t producing kids as we are commanded to do. Ratchets are. “Educated” folks are more caught in the system than they believe they are. They are waiting for all of their finances to be in order before they have kids. But the Most High told us to procreate. That was the first thing we should do. We’re so worried about money/ worldly possessions that we forget that God said we will eat no matter what.
      About it being women’s month, we don’t need a month to celebrate our goddesses and queens. That’s everyday all year around. I appreciate you’ll. It’s funny how they made it the month where a whole bunch of men are going to be glued to their TV watching other men (March Madness), not paying women any attention.
      Thanks for tuning in and leaving a jewel as you usually do. Again you are always appreciated.

        1. Author

          I like your post as well. Sorry that I haven’t been around, I’ve been busy caught up in life. But I will be back to catch up with you.

  3. Cliff…just when I put something past you, you take it to that next level! LMAO!!!
    But it is something to think about 🙂
    You really should be on TV.

    1. Author

      Lmaooooo! TV Couldn’t handle me. I would be censored. Then probably assassinated. You know how that goes! How are you love biscuit?

      1. On second thought…you might be right! But I love it! I am doing well sweetheart and I hope you are too 🙂

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