Real Black Men

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Real black men exist. Never mind how the media portrays us. Real black men will never be in the limelight of the television. We do our thing and keep it moving. Besides this being a great video showcasing how there are real black men out here who care about their community, the brother narrating it said some powerful things in it as well. He asked, “Why do so many people love to post to Facebook, when Mark Zuckerberg ain’t giving you a dime?” Helping to build your enemy’s empire, but that’s neither here nor there. This video shows a man breaking up a fight between two young men, while hitting them with some knowledge. Stories like these rarely make the news.


  1. I’ve seen this video and I loved it! It takes courage to do what that elder did. And I love the level of respect that he commanded.

        1. Strong video, strong message, strong vibes… United we are STRONGER!

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