Rock battles

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I swear the ancestors have to be watching over us. I honestly don’t know how most young men make it past the age of 18. Seriously, we do the dumbest things as kids. One of the dumbest things that I remember doing growing up, is having rock battles.

I wonder who the first kids were that decided to throw rocks at each other for fun. How did that conversation start? “Aye bro! I just thought of the funnest thing ever! We should have rock battles. I mean let’s throw rocks at each other and whoever gets hit is out!” The other kid probably picked up a rock and launched it at his boy without a second thought. That’s literally how we operated. We did whatever seemed fun to do at the moment. That is one thing about kids, they live in the moment. Something that most of us adults have forgotten how to do.

My boys and I used to throws rocks of all sizes at each other. We took as far as to even launching bricks at each other. We had a clubhouse at the top of this hill in the woods. The most convenient way to get to the clubhouse was to climb the hill. At the very top of the hill there was a tree that was set up like a slingshot. Guess what we used to sling at each other as we were coming up the hill. You guessed it. Bricks, rocks and all kind of what the hell were we thinking type of objects.

That is why I said that the ancestors must be watching over us. There is no way that I would be here if they weren’t. I don’t think that they are looking down at us. I think they are right here with us protecting our steps, while shaking their heads at our foolishness.

There are so many other ridiculous things that we did growing up that I have stories for days. But I can’t let them all go. I believe I said in a post a while back that if my life were a movie you wouldn’t believe it. That’s a hint to those people who cry about what Hollywood is doing instead of writing their own script. Write your own and have some faith in yourself. Know that there are powers guiding you. You made it this far for a reason. Don’t be scared to go to the next level.


  1. Man them rock battles used to be epic though, I had forgotten all about them until I read this. Luckily though, we never took it too far w/ the size of the projectiles lol

    1. Author

      I know right bro! They were stupid but fun lol! My boys and I took it way too far at times, but I’m still here, so everything is good lol! Thanks for tuning in god!

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