You Scared, You Running.

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Black men are literally out of their minds. POINT… BLANK… PERIOD! Case in point, after this quick story of what literally just happened to me thirty minutes ago. I’m sure that you will come to the same conclusion as I have, if you haven’t done so already. Let’s dive in and remember this, don’t be scared!

After running a few errands around the city (everything happens to me after running a few errands), I hopped back on the green line to head back home. Two young men get on the train a couple stops before mine. They stood at the doors the whole time and they were still standing there when it was time for me to get off the train. When we arrived at my station, they both put there backs to the rail while people walked in between them to exit the train. When I got off and was already making my way up the steps, one of them said, “You mean to get off here?” I looked at him then look around to see if he was talking to me then looked at him with stupid face smile with my hand on my chest, like me!?! He said, “You scared, you running.” Then the door closed.

Hold on, let’s think about this. He said that while he was still standing on the train. Mind you he had an ample opportunity to say something to me when I was standing in front of them waiting to get off the train. But he didn’t. Yet I’m the one who is scared and running. But he’s right. I am running. I am running to stay healthy and fit. I’m at that very same metro stop running those 106 steps too. But do you want to know who I see running with me when I’m out there, I see (insert random white guy name) or (insert random white girl name). I don’t see you out there. So for any black person to ignorantly think anyone or everyone is scared of them because they are black and from the “hood” is hilarious.

There are those of us that are out here training, practicing and doing everything it takes to become better and stronger. Yet a little ignorant black man had the nerve to say something to me. Our men (or should I say boys, because they haven’t evolved into manhood) do not think! Maybe if he would’ve paid attention he would’ve noticed that I had ice cream in my bag. (I know that I am losing black points for having ice cream in this freezing weather, but I have been tweaking for birthday cake ice cream.) Maybe that was the reason I looked to be in a rush. Maybe I wanted to get home and eat my ice cream. Maybe it was because I don’t dress like any of the people over here in Southeast and on this particular day I was extremely fresh. So his ego let him run off at the lips thinking he did something to knock me down and make himself feel better, when actuality to any thinking person he looked and sounded dumb. But what if I was the one to let my ego control me and jumped back over the rail to confront him. Because as I stated, I’m out here putting in work and if you aren’t doing the same, you can’t see me. PERIOD! I would’ve been on everybody’s favorite garbage site. You know the one I am talking about.

But let’s get to the meat and potatoes. Most, not all black men are scared. They are scared and running from reality. The reality is that they are losing. The white man, the yellow man, the purple man, the red man, the orange man and everybody in between is beating the living crap out of you in every aspect of life. And its a tough pill to swallow. So you swallow different kind of pills that help you to get high and escape from what’s going on in the real world. You play video games and watch TV every and all day in order to get away. You drink to drown out your sorrows. You smoke until you forget about yesterday. You get high every day because you are scared to face reality sober. Yes there is a such thing as recreational smoking but smoking everyday isn’t recreational, especially if there isn’t anything positive being produced from doing so.

These black men that claim to be the biggest gangsters who have never ran from anybody or anything but in reality they’re scared and running from the reality of life. You have to be one hundred percent honest with yourself to come to those conclusions. And I have talked to many of men that admitted to having anxiety about life. But we have to find better mechanisms to cope with it. Because life is rough especially for a black man or women but it won’t get any better if we keep running away from our problems.

P.S. To the people who would respond by telling me that people are scared of us because we are black (melanated/ carbon dominant); I’m not going to dive into our melanin/ carbon/ genetics subject in this post because all that means nothing if we aren’t doing anything to optimize them.


  1. Disclaimer – I’m an older white woman from Australia.

    Watching the Trump debacle unfold, I kept wondering why so many predominantly white people had voted for him. Now, I wonder if the problem goes beyond race, to a situation in which both black and white men have lost the dream of a better life. I can’t imagine anything worse than the thought that ‘this is as good as it gets’. Or that even ‘this’ may be taken away.

    You are articulate and obviously well educated. For you, the dream is still very much alive. Is education the key? Is education the way to survive this period of transition in how the [Western] world works?

    1. Author

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Meeka! It is deeper than race. Beyond what looks to be a race war there is a spiritual war/ attack on all of mankind.
      Education is a catch 22. In a way it is the key for better days ahead and on the flip side it isn’t. Our western education system trains us to be robots, not free-thinking individuals. The education system here isn’t well rounded at all. I think that self educating is key. But then again how does a person know what they need to study and research if they grew up believing everything that they were told to be truth. There are so many pieces to this puzzle that need to be filled in.
      Thanks again for stopping by!

      1. Hi Cliff. I believe education has one purpose and one purpose only – to teach people to /think/. But before students can think, they need the right tools – reading comprehension, clear thinking, logic and the ability to question in a constructive way. With those tools, students can look for the information they need, and educate themselves in all but the most technical of skills.
        Sadly, many students leave school without even gain the most basic of tools such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. How can anyone self-educate when reading is this ‘chore’ that they do as little as possible?
        -sigh- Apologies for the rant, but this is something dear to my heart.

  2. First, if it was turkey hill birthday cake ice cream i would be running home also. Def my favorite ice cream flavor. I feel if he really wanted to say something to you, like you said, he would have said it right when you are standing there. So many boys posing as men these days and it is sad. Trying to act like something they are not. I feel black people need to start seeking help or counseling especially for anxiety, depression and many other things. But thats a whole different topic… Hope you enjoyed your ice cream though lol

    1. Author

      Yes, a lot of us do need counseling. If are family structure was healed we would be able to get it from friends and family but sadly that isn’t the case or these stories wouldn’t keep happening. There is so much work that needs to go on in our communities.
      But of course I enjoyed my ice cream. It wasn’t exactly the one I wanted but it made do. Thanks for dropping by and tuning in Chenree!

  3. I agree with all of this ^^^ I think your final comment is the truth. The best you can ever do is to worry about you and yours and shine that positive light. It’s painful to think that you’re going through some of the same ill-treatment I did when I was raised in the hood. WE are oftentimes our worse enemies.

  4. I see no lies! We seem to be most hostile toward each other instead of the true enemies. We are truly in a sad state.

    And I don’t blame you on rushing home to handle that ice cream! I did the same last night, for different reasons tho haha

    1. Author

      Hahaha That ice cream was fiiiiire!!
      Truly in a sad, sad state. Everyone is plotting on and laughing at us, because we just can’t seem to get it together. Integration made us forget we had an enemy.

    2. Okay, so now I’m eager to know what those different reasons were lol. Your observation is spot on. I think sometimes we (black people) feel so powerless in this society that we (in an attempt to assert ourselves) attack what we feel we CAN control…each other. Its so unfortunate.

        1. Author

          LMAO! I caught when you said that! But I somehow didn’t correlate it to running home and eating ice cream as well. I am so naive when it comes to things. 🙁

  5. Hold up brotha. What kind of ice cream we talking about?? I am dead ass serious. Hahahaha. Yes I agree with everything you just said. I’m at the point where I’ve given up on the majority of black people. I can’t fuck with a lot of us due to this behavior. These coons smh. I also would of been irritated that they waited to the last minute to try and get a reaction out of you. Smh. You’re right man everyone is winning but us. And it’s our fault. Yes there’s always going to be white supremacy and effects from slavery and post Jim crow. But when you as a black man have the option to help another black man and you choose not to, then you are the one to blame. Not the Asian guy not the Jewish guy. You. Problem is the truth hurts and most of us respond to this with violence or angry confrontations.

    1. Author

      Haaa that birthday cake ice cream be on point depending on the brand. Man brother I wish I could be around you and others like you. You’re always on point. I agree with everything you just said. Us like minded individuals have to band together and let the dead bury the dead. These coons weight is holding us down.

      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What’s sad for me really sad is that brothas and sistahs like us are never emulated outside of black culture. That’s the saddest

  6. The way those men talked to you was so inappropriate. I agree with you there is a lot of boys who secretly walk around life acting gangster when really they are little boys who are “running” and have issues hidden deeper than their surface. It’s a scary site and even scarier when they walk up on you in a hostile way when you did nothing to them to cause unneeded confrontation. As far in the black community, we still have a long way to go. I hope our future shines brighter than our past.

    1. Author

      D.C. blacks are out of their minds. I am not the only one who thinks this. But they didn’t walk up on me, he decided to say something to me when I was halfway up the steps already. He had time to say something when I was standing in front of him waiting for the doors to open. Our future is looking grim. The best bet is to build your black family and let you’ll light shine for others to see and follow.

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