Shots Fired!!!

In Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

Are we losing so bad that we just choose to not face reality? I mean really WTF is fantasy football! C’mon son! First and foremost it’s called FANTASY football. More importantly it sounds so soft!

What if instead of playing fantasy football, people put that time and effort that they used on collecting stats and information on other men (because essentially that’s what it is; keeping tabs on what other men do), they spent that time studying and investing in the stock market. That sounds too much like Time Spent Wisely. I’m just saying though!

There are so many things that are happening in the real world but somehow people continue to keep telling me about their fantasy football team. Are we so distraught by what is happening that we choose to run away from the problems we face by drowning ourselves with trivial things? I got to keep asking this question until I get an answer. I have to take shots at everybody now, because if I were to be writing about something that has no real relevance as what is going on in the world let alone the hood, these posts and others like it would be shared all over the internet. You would think that with all the people that my hood alone has lost due to actual shots fired; people from my hood would be sharing post like these, like there is no tomorrow. But somehow all I am bombarded with is fight videos and “entertainment”!

As I try to lighten my own mood, I thought about how I should make a music video and point my fingers at the camera as if I were shooting at it. You know how these rappers do. Then I thought about it. The reason I chose the picture of me giving the smug face while pointing at the camera as my gravatar picture, is because that is me taking shots at anybody talking nonsense to me. LMAO! I crack myself up!

But it’s time to straighten up and quit running from reality. This hole will only keep getting deeper if we continue to live in a fantasy world.

Shoot back in the comment section if you have a logically sound reason as to why you indulge in fantasy football.