Slave Ship Mentality

In Truth by Cliff Green

I know that the Moorish presence was already here in America and all across the globe before Christopher Columbus so-called discovered this land. You know I’m going to put a twist on the story, so ride with me on this one.

Your ancestors were forced into ships. They were held captive with chains around their neck, wrists and ankles. They were forced to lie on top and beside of each other without any space to move. To make matters worse they were naked. The trip across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America in which they call the Middle Passage was not a short one either. It may have taken anywhere from one month to six months. During this time as all humans do, our ancestors had to defecate (S***) and urinate. But they did not have the luxury of a toilet. When they went it was on themselves or the person lying beside or beneath them. There were no other options. No matter how hard they may have tried to hold it in, sooner or later it would have to come out.

They systematically wiped from our minds our true heritage and history. But of the recent history of slavery in which they still hesitantly give us, have we forgotten it that fast?  Let’s fast forward to today. Today all we hear in cRap music is how this person got money and how he “S*** on n****s!” Or how this person got cars, so now he “S*** on n****s!” He rocking the latest fashion so now he “S*** on n****s!” It’s almost as if everything we do these days is a direct slap in the face of our ancestors and their trials and tribulations. So before you go buy some clothes with a slave master’s name on it, thinking you’re about to “S*** on n****s!”; remember this old saying, “WE’RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT!”