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I usually acknowledge people who cross my path in the street but I have received so many non replies that it was starting to get to me! The times when someone does say hello and smiles at me first throws me off! In a good way of course! I instantly have a smile on my faceĀ for the rest of my walk. My step has a bounce to it! I’m a little more chipper! It just goes to show that the whole world isn’t cold. Not everyone has fallen for the hype!

So next time you are walking down the street, smile and say hello to a random passerby! Even if they don’t say anything back, you’ll know that you did your part! I am seriously going to try to do it more often! That simple thing can change the world! I know that it changes mine even if it’s only for that day! It’s only right plus it’s a part of the Sidewalk Law!

Peace and love to you and yours!


  1. Living IN Chicago, this isn’t something I encounter everyday. But being FROM the midwest, I extend a friendly smile and “hello” quite often. I love how surprised people look when I do so. Its like I’m speaking a foreign language or something.

    1. Author

      Lmao! It’s definitely is. They look at you all confused! It throws people off because not enough people do, do it.

  2. I love this! I’m always saying a smile can change everything because it literally can. One smile could make someones whole day. In that one smile there is so much positive energy it would almost be a crime not to spread it! Nice one Cliff ?

  3. Brilliant. It’s like de ja vu. This happens to me as well. Happened just this morning actually. I passed a lady and I smiled and said hello have a nice day but she looked the other way. Even if she can’t talk, she could smile or nod her head. But I won’t let it stop me; I just keep on saying hi to people. I do that a lot, even if they don’t speak back.

    Yes, many people do reply positively. But too often, people don’t reply at all, and some don’t even acknowledge – looking away like the woman this morning. A few will do an emotionless gesture with their lips, seeming as if they are trying loosen food from their teeth. lol It doesn’t take much at all to be kind and share a hello. Even a smile and a nod can be better than not acknowledging it at all. I do it because I know people go through a lot, and sometimes people feel so alone. Saying hi to someone really can make their day and possibly change their whole entire life.

    But dude, don’t ever let people like them change you. Always keep on smiling and saying hi to them. You’re building up good karma points that will surely continue to build up for a lifetime.

    It’s always nice to be nice, even if the other person doesn’t appreciate it.

    1. Author

      Brother Will thanks for stopping by and leaving a great example! I had to laugh at the emotionless lip gesture comment. Like dude! Speak up!
      A lot of times a smile and nod is all that I ask for. It’s so simple. We made things way to complicated.
      Thanks for leaving that jewel. I’m going to continue to shine and rack them karma points up. And pray that my energy changes the world one smile at a time.

  4. Growing up on the west coast, it was an adjustment coming to the south where even old white men make eye contact and give a nod; in the back of mind, I’m thinking “you owned slaves!” But I reciprocate and initiate a hello/smile with my Black people. Is that racist?

    Great post! I do love when my people show love, even in the simplest way.

    1. Author

      Lol! Naw it’s not racist at all! It’s a fact that they owned slaves and profited from it. Their families have inherited wealth from it. So to me you’re not a racist. You’re someone who knows better! Spreading love with your people, a people that have been tore down and downtrodden. You’re just playing your part to bring back the love. Thanks for always being you Kelley!

  5. I do the same thing. And you’re right, sometimes people don’t respond. I don’t get that. If someone smiles or speaks to me, I can’t just keep walking like I didn’t see that.
    But…. I continue to do it anyway because, as you said, I do my part.
    Great post Cliff?

          1. Cliff, you truly are something else! ROTFLMBAO!!!
            We’d prolly have a ball IRL.
            Honestly, I think all of us who follow each other would.

          2. Author

            LOL! Oh yes we would indeed! Once we set this Brown Blogger meet up. I’m hoping that every one will be able to come.

  6. Here in San Francisco, where there is only a 5% black population, I make sure to smile and/or head nodding every black person I see. If you lived here you would understand why.

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