In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Wisdom by Cliff Green

I usually acknowledge people who cross my path in the street but I have received so many non replies that it was starting to get to me! The times when someone does say hello and smiles at me first throws me off! In a good way of course! I instantly have a smile on my faceĀ for the rest of my walk. My step has a bounce to it! I’m a little more chipper! It just goes to show that the whole world isn’t cold. Not everyone has fallen for the hype!

So next time you are walking down the street, smile and say hello to a random passerby! Even if they don’t say anything back, you’ll know that you did your part! I am seriously going to try to do it more often! That simple thing can change the world! I know that it changes mine even if it’s only for that day! It’s only right plus it’s a part of the Sidewalk Law!

Peace and love to you and yours!