So and So

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

You really have to watch the company in which you keep. Let’s say that you have a goal and you are really focused on accomplishing that goal. Then so and so comes around. So and so is a good person but so and so really likes to do a bunch of stuff that if you allowed back into your life, they would completely knock you off track from accomplishing your goal.

Your logic tells you that you shouldn’t chill with so and so but your ego keeps reminding you of all the good times that you two have had together. You end up falling victim to your ego and chilling with so and so in search of that feeling. That temporary feeling that feels so good but its dangerous. It draws you back into a life that you have claimed to give up so many times before.

We all know how it goes: “After today, I’m done! No more! I’m buckling down and getting serious!” You really meant it that time but you’re scared. You’re scared of how people are going to perceive you for changing your life and becoming better. You know in the back of your mind that every body is going to be mad at you for changing. They are so scared of evolving that they make it seem as if changing is a bad thing.

You know that they don’t really want to see you take the necessary steps to become better, because in seeing you become better, they either have to follow suit or attempt to keep you where you once was and that’s with them. You can see it coming out of So and So’s mouth, “Oh you changed! You ain’t the same anymore!”

So you let the fear of what people may or may not think about you, hold you back. It cripples you from growing and becoming the person you are meant to become. 

I am hear to tell you to live without fear. Be who you truly are! If you are a person that strives to reach new levels in life, be that person. If you are one that is cool with being complacent and stuck in the same monotonous cycle, be who you are. But if you are that complacent person, learn to let go of the people who seek to do better. Never shun them for doing so. And the same goes to the person seeking to spread their wings. Learn to let people go in order to fly to new heights. Don’t worry what other people may think of you. Even if they look at you funny, that’s fine. Because in the end, who’s really winning?

I have had plenty of so and so’s in my life. I am at a point now where I realize that I have to let these people go. Hopefully by them seeing my journey to become the best me that I can be, they would hopefully one day strive to become the best person that they could be. Let so and so go and spread your wings in order to fly to new heights. I promise you that you won’t have any regrets.

Thanks for reading! There is much more fire in the works so stay tuned!

Peace and love to you and yours!