Something so simple

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Something so simple can really change your outlook in life. The picture reads: I hope you have a great day, and remember to always keep your head up.

As I was walking home the other day, I heard a young man say, “Bro!”, from behind me. When I turned around I notice that he had his hand out with something blue in it. When he got closer I saw that it was a notebook. He handed it to me and walked off before I could ask if he wanted anything for it. He simply kept walking. I stopped and looked at it to see what it said. I hollered at him to tell him that I appreciated him. He said, “You know it!” and kept it moving.

He lifted my whole day. Something so simple but had a big impact on me. The fact that he took the time and effort to do something to brighten another man or woman’s day is love! Much love to that young man and to everyone else out there making an impact on the world.


  1. Wow that is incredibly dope!! This article is extremely inspirational. This reminds of something similar that happen to me but with my children. As you know I work the night term. One night I took a nap before work woke up a little late so I had to slightly rush. Just enough to not notice anything different. As I finished getting ready putting my shoes on I gathered my thoughts to make sure I didnt forget anything and reached for the doorknob. As I reached I noticed a small posted note on my front door that read “We love you dady!” (Yes with one D lol. My daughter wrote it and was 4 at the time) The impact that had on me was profound!! It was also pretty smart of her to put it in a place where she knew I wouldn’t miss it. That whole situation made my night so much easier to deal with.

    1. Author

      That’s adorable. These kids are extremely smart. Stuff like that you gotta keep and frame. That definitely would’ve boosted my spirits.

  2. That’s great. The smallest thing can have the biggest impact. Let us all make a difference.

    1. Author

      Hey brother Will, thanks for stopping by. Its crazy how the little things add up to make something signifcant.

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