Be a star in real life

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

Shine as bright as the Northern star. Give people directions without saying a word. Lead by example.

Before I begin, I would like to send all of the love in the world to my baby sister, Victoria! Today is her birthday! I am wishing her a gazillion more joyful, happy, fun and love-filled birthdays! I love you!

The other day I went over to the field around the corner from my house to go work out. When I got there I set up some cones, hurdles, a ladder, a parachute and a few other workout items. After about ten minutes of going in, some kids came out of the school for what looked to be their recess. (Oh! The good old days!) About 15 to 20 young teenagers came over to the field with a football to play catch.

When they got to the field I noticed that they were all looking at me. I also noticed that in a lot of their eyes and demeanor that they wanted to join me and I would’ve let them, if a teacher had come around. To me it is creepy for a grown man to converse with children that he doesn’t know. That’s why I would’ve have liked for a teacher to come over and look me in the eyes and read my being. As I type this I am realizing that I should’ve went over and found a teacher. Ughhh! I’m learning as I go.

One of them finally bid up the nerve to ask me if I played football. I told him that I didn’t and that I liked to workout for my health and that it’s fun. Then I kept going in. As I was finishing up and stretching, I noticed that some of them were seriously imitating me and my stretch positions. As I said before, life imitates art and I was painting a picture of black excellence.

This quick and not to well put together story was written just to say, “Be that example!” You can empower people just by doing things that are out of the ordinary. The kids may have seen professional athletes do cone and hurdle exercises on TV but they may have never seen someone do them in real life. I may have lit something in those kids minds to always be extraordinary and to never stay inside of the box that was made for them. Give the kids something to strive to. Go be a star in real life!