Technology isn’t your baby sitter!

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Technology isn’t your baby sitter! I can recall a few years back while I was living with my uncle; one of my task was to watch my little cousin. On one of those days something clicked in me as I sat there and watched him play on his PlayStation! This kid is literally in another world. Yeah I was sitting there with him watching him physically play the game but mentally he was in a whole other world. I hate to mention titles of products from companies that aren’t paying me to do so but I have to for this post to paint the picture.

Everyone knows about or heard the game Call of Duty. It is a first-person shooter game that puts the player in the action on the front line of war. As I sat there and watched him fight in a war on foreign land; I noticed that he was killing Africans on this particular board. So that struck me as odd. You put the people playing the game in a mindset of killing and at the same time that person is subconsciously becoming familiar with killing people, black people at that. So mentally my little cousins mind was in Ghana killing Ghanaian people.(I know that someone will come on here and rebut me on how there are more ethnic groups that are killed while playing and he may be right, but I don’t care. I’m a grown man who doesn’t play video games.)

It gets crazier. Since the game can be connected to the internet and that is how most people play it. He was playing the game with men and women from all across the world. Did I mention, the game has a headset that allows the players to talk to one another. Yes, this eleven year old child was sitting there playing with and talking to adults through the headset. If that isn’t a creep’s dream, I don’t know what is. Plus the amount of foul language that goes on during these gaming stints is crazy. If you were to one day listen to what your child has been listening to you wouldn’t even allow him or her to even play these games.

This message is for all modern-day parents. Technology isn’t your baby sitter! Along with video games a lot of parents like to sit back just let their kids watch TV. Thinking if they are watching cartoons that everything is okay. Because hey nothing can be wrong with cartoons, right? Wrong!

Do a simple search on YouTube of subliminal messages in cartoons and thousands of results will pop up. Not only do cartoons promote a lot of wicked behavior, have you ever thought about who writes cartoons. It’s not like it’s kids writing and drawing these cartoons for their own entertainment. It is grown adults writing them and they fill them with messages made for adults. You may think your child didn’t pick up the message but as I said in previous post, our brains are the original super computers. It has been stored in their mind only to come out on a future date.

Can we talk about these cell phone baby sitters. Even though it irritates me down to my soul to even think about it, I will go in on it anyway. I would just like to tell all parents I see doing it to just “STOP IT!” Letting your kid stare at a cell phone screen for hour on in is terrible not only for their imagination but for their eyes as well. Even with you reading this from your laptop, tablet or computer screen is terrible for your eyes. It is artificial light. Plus staring so close to something all day will sooner or later weaken your eyes ability to see long distances. There is a reason why the Dogon are able to see every star, planet and constellation in the universe with nothing more than their God-given eyesight. They weren’t bombarded by all this “technology”.

But all this goes on deaf ears if today’s parents do not take heed. Because I can counsel and teach kids the truth until I am blue in the face, but when I am done and they go home to you what image do they see? Are you constantly glued to your phone? As I wrote in Family Equals Perfection, you are your child’s god. Your child will imitate and do what he or she sees you doing. So go outside more. Read more books for yourself and to them. Make reading a natural part of their day. A fun part. When we were children we didn’t come in the house unless the temperature was EXTREMELY hot or cold. Video games were our last resort for having fun. We didn’t have cell phones to play on 24/7. We used our imaginations. Don’t let the children grow up without theirs.


  1. I refuse to even bring one of those high priced gaming systems into my home. It takes A LOT of work but my husband I make sure we actively engage with our sons. We have a Wii that we play as a family and children’s tablets with educational games – where we still limit their time. I agree with your post my friend.

    1. Author

      That is the best way to parent. Engagement! Too many of us let technology take our place in parenting. Growing up my sisters and I had one of those educational laptops that we learned so much off of. I rarely if ever see that these days! Kids have real tablets and phones and all they play is games. I’m glad that you’re raising your sons to be above average because we live in a time where manhood is under attack. Your work is appreciated. And thanks for stopping by as well!

    1. Author

      And it’s the slavery that they don’t even know they’re in that does the most harm. Thanks for tuning in bro!

  2. Insightful information man. It’s the same thing I preach to my neices on the regular. Not only is,it stunting their mental growth and embedding harmful ideas in their head.. It is also causing physical damage because these electronic devices are taking the place of much needed physical activity. However, It is up to the parents to train them on how to have proper balance when it comes to these things. Thanks for this.

    1. Author

      That is so true. It’s like going outside has become a thing of the past. I get excited when I see kids outside playing how we used to. We gotta reverse this before it’s to late! Thanks for stopping by bro!

    1. Author

      Thanks kelley! That means a lot coming from you. You don’t know this and now you will, but I be writing a lot of my post thinking to myself like, “Would this be kelley approved?” I’m laughing but I’m serious!

  3. Wow! As a fellow “grown-ass man” who doesn’t play video or any other kind of games, this is all I’ve been wanting to say about them and more. Thanx!

    1. Author

      Thanks for dropping by brother! I can’t waste my time playing video games. I honestly don’t feel like I have any time to chill these days with all the work that needs to be done.

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