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Throughout all of the religious and spiritual text, the human body has been ordained as man’s temple. The word temple can be broken down into two words. Temp and El (le). Temp is the abbreviated version of the word temporary. Temporary is defined as lasting only for a limited period of time. El in Hebrew is the word for god or deity. When you put the two definitions together you come up with a new meaning for the word temple. Our temples are temporary positions of god. Meaning while in this body you should treat it as if it were God’s body.

Everyday here in America we destroy and show utter disrespect for God. Americans have the highest rate of every illness. We eat the worst type of foods. We smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol every day. We fill our minds with useless and negative information (TV, music and media). Then we have the nerve to cry when we are inflicted with an illness or disease. I know that some things can’t be helped. But when you do what you KNOW that you shouldn’t, that is when ill things happen to our temples.

I am short for time as always, but that is my spiel for today. When it comes to the truth you can hate it or love it and live by it. Everything is a decision to be made.

Go Hard or Die Easy!