The American Flag

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Blue and Red killing for sets

That they don’t even own

White come through

Kick you outta ya home

Then poem

I don’t mean a rhyme scheme

Po’ ’em

A drink

Dilute their minds

So they can’t even think

That’s why there’s a

Liquor store on every other


Wait don’t red and blue chill there too

Yup, and I can see it they

Face, clothes and actions

That they all feel Blue

I watch ’em

Drink away their sorrow

Blue killing red

White planning for tomorrow

Blue, red and white the three colors that make up the American flag. Two of the colors make the American dream what it is today. Blue kills red and vice versa, while white gets paid off of their death and destruction. White gets paid when you get locked up and they get paid when you die. Oh, blue and red didn’t know, funerals cost. They cost a pretty penny too. And since blue and red probably don’t have life insurance; your family is going to have to foot the bill. Putting more money in white pockets. Blue and Red banging for all the wrong reasons.


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      I’m glad you appreciate this post king! Much love to you!

  1. Finally someone who sees the real in the situation only person make the green.

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      Dope is for crack heads! We don’t promote that round here. Lol I’m just playing king. Thanks for the love.

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