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Some people will never learn. Some people are made to always be in a bad situation. They will do the wrong thing, get lightly reprimanded, then do the wrong thing again. They may receive a harsher punishment the second time around but it’s still a slap on the wrist.

Somehow it never registers to them that if they continue to do wrong they’ll only receive bad consequences. But who am I to ask such questions? Maybe that’s the thrill of the chase. Maybe this time around they won’t get caught or nobody will notice. I mean it hasn’t worked all the other times but maybe this time around it will. The third times a charm, right?

So they do the same thing again just to end up with the short end of the stick that they somehow didn’t expect to get. And boom! They get caught and all hell breaks loose. Now they’re facing the harshest judgement of their life.

God ends up telling them, “Look! I’m going to sit you down for a while to let you think about your actions! During this time I want you to think about all of your decisions throughout life and how they got you to where you are right now. I know it looks grim right now but if you show me sincerity, obedience and faith in your heart, I will bring you out better on the other side. Got it?

Of course they answer him with a promise that they’ll do right! We all know how it goes; people only want to hear or listen to God when they’re in the worst of the worst situations. That promise sounds really good when your on your last leg. Some times that what it takes in order for the message to get across.

They end up showing sincerity and actually trying to improve their self. After sitting down for so long God finally let’s them stand back up. They start walking a little bit and realize that they never forgot how to walk in the first place. They realize that they haven’t forgotten how to walk and at the same time they forget about that promise that they made to God. So they step off the path. God sends them that last sign to remember the promise they made. The sign may come as a person speaking, an eye-opening event may happen or just a voice in their head speaks to them. It is all one way of God saying, “I gave you all the chances in the world to be right. This will be the last bone that I throw you. THE DECISION IS YOURS!”

This story brewed in my mind from recent events that have occurred in my life and to some people around me. I know that we all have made that promise to God that we will do better. Just to end up doing worse. There has to become a time when we take that promise we made with God to heart and obey him. A lot of people aren’t given second or even third chances. That’s why if you are blessed enough to get one, try to make the best decision to avoid the mistakes of your past. Or you may end up being one of those folks who never learn. But again, THE DECISION IS YOURS!

Peace, blessings and prosperity to all of my gods and goddesses out here striving to be great!

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  1. Nothing but the truth! We’ve all been there before and could be there at this very moment but at what point does a person say to themselves “enough is enough, i must do right”?!? That right there and this right here my brother is truly a great example of “The Decision is Yours”

    1. Author

      I agree, we all have been there and will continue to go there in different situations throughout life. But as you said at what point will we learn the lesson? Hopefully, sooner than later. Thanks for dropping by brother Julian! Much love to you!

  2. Nothing but pure facts and yep we’re all guilty of it but the degrees differ and that is ultimately up the the beholder of the decisions. Just like you said, the decision and is yours!!!!

    1. Author

      Yup and you know the type of decisions we make while living by our motto, “GO HARD OR DIE EASY!” Thanks for showing love Pick! lol

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