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The Digital Divide

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The Digital Divide is defined by Wikipedia as an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communications technology (cell phones, tablets, personal computers, internet and other such electronics). If you have been keeping up with my post you will know that I always see the other side of a word. Most words mean and are derived from something else. I know that there is a Digital Divide as defined by Wiki between the black community and others. But once you use the words in a different format, for example; I know that every thing Digital has Divided not just Black people but every other people as well.

We have lost our ability to interact with one another. I see parents all the time indulged all in their phone but their baby is crying for attention. Every one is guilty of playing on their phone instead of interacting and enjoying the presence of their company. It happens. I’m guilty of it. You’re guilty of it. We all are guilty of it and have been divided by digital. It is time to have a Digital Subtraction. We need to cut back our use of electronics drastically. Not only do electronics reduce our mental strength and powers; they are poisoning us with their radiation at the same time. Other than your immediate family members, how many phone numbers do you remember?

Here is one thing that we can do to help better interact with one another. The next time you and your family go out to eat; everyone has to leave their phone in the car. Sit at the booth or table and have a real conversation with one another. You will be surprised at how much you can find out about your kids, parents or spouse when you actually sit down and converse with them. Forget about a  Facebook status, Instagram photo or (I can barely say this word without retching) Tweet. What is happening in this present moment with your loved ones?

Also try this the next time you go out with your friends; everyone has to put their phone on silent and place it facedown on the table. The first person to touch their phone has to pay for everyone’s meal. This will be a testament to your will power and discipline. Who would want to come out of their pocket all that cash because they couldn’t restrain themself? Plus it’s fun to play mind games with people to try to get them to pick up their phone. Watch how much you laugh during this outing.

Those are just a few things that we can do to heal our ourselves of this digital divide. Let me know your ideas by leaving a comment. As always thanks for reading!

Much love to the Gods and Goddesses out there! Keep shining because Somebody’s Watching!


  1. This is beyond true,this is exactly why I deactivated my Facebook account. What really made me step back was one day I was getting ready to go to the gym,before picking my kids up from school and I logged onto Facebook to “check” it and ended up on Facebook for an hour. Missing my time frame for the gym. I also noticed I wasn’t interacting with my children as much,which I love to do. The idea of keeping the phone face down is really a genius idea lol. “Digital subtraction” is much needed!!!

    1. Author

      Facebook will definitely have you wasting a lot of time if you are not careful with it. I want to deactivate mine as well but only use it to spread this message. I wish it were the olden days when people got their news from actually talking to other people. We are so divided and a lot of people are to blind to even see how far we have grown apart as people. Thanks for commenting god. Much love to you and your family!

  2. Preach bro, my family, including myself, have been so digitally distracted that I felt iPads were keeping my kids attention and I even learned that my 4 year old daughter was blogging and I didn’t even know it! I now limit there iPad use to 2 hours a day ( 1 for entertainment games and another for educational games). I try to limit myself to checking my Facebook and IG to 5 times a day, but it’s hard because I run a business and that I communicate with my clients. I have implemented old school rules such as NO TV during Dinner. We have 1 movie night and 1 game night each week with the kids. We have to disconnect time to time to build our families and remove ourselves from being desensitized.

    1. Author

      LMAO! Wait… She’s blogging? And about what? Don’t tell me she out here writing books and I didn’t even know it! These kids be so in tune with gadgets. At times it can be for the good but most of the time it isn’t. This Digital era has divided us away from our divinity and ability to be able to imagine. Tell the family I said hello and that I love them!

  3. You are right about this I find myself looking at Facebook all the time playing games on the cellphone I am not reading like I use too and I do not like this about myself the other day I said to myself you are going to go back to reading books like you use to this is a promise I made to myself . I was watching people the other day at work five people at a table eating lunch and all of them was on the phone no conversation at all with each other lets get back to connecting to each other

    1. Author

      Than you mom for commenting! I just made the same promise to myself! These post are not only to help other people see clearly through the fog, they are a self analysis. As I better myself, I hope and work to better others. I love you mom!

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