The Sidewalk Law

In Knowledge, Truth by Cliff Green

After running a few miles around the track earlier today with my brother Brad, we headed over to a pizza shop to grab something to eat. While sitting there politicking and bouncing ideas off of each other as we usual do, we both came to the conclusion that the title of this post needs to be discussed and written about. We’re both Sagittarius and 80’s babies; born in the same year. So we see things pretty similar. I don’t know if it’s us or the world, but it seems like all the codes, ethics, laws and morals that we used to live by have dissipated and are gone with wind.

What happened to the days when a man would be walking down the street, approaching another man and look him in the eye and simply say, “Hello” or give a head nod. People used to walk by each other tip their hat and say, “Good Day!” Just as recognition that another person has crossed your path. It’s really seems as though people in these days will go out of their way to not engage other people. It’s so mind-boggling, how people will try their hardest to not look at you in passing and the sidewalk is no more than four feet wide.

There are a couple of things that I along with Brad have noticed that people do. The first one is obvious; play on their phone. The second thing I’ve noticed that people do is to use all of their mental energy to keep their head and eyes straight. The worst one to me is one people do look me in the eye and I nod or say, “How are you?”, but get no response. Like really though, you didn’t hear or see me! Wow!

We as a people are quick to be on “social” media but I’m noticing that a lot of us don’t even have any REAL social skills. So here are few sidewalk laws that we must get back to. For the men out there; when you are walking with your lady friend, make sure that she is on the inside. You should always be the one closest to the street. This is to prevent anything that may happen out of the ordinary; like a car jumping the curb. You will be able to push her out-of-the-way and hopefully dodge the accident yourself. It’s also to prevent things such as rain water splashing up and ruining that nice outfit it took your girl an hour or two to put together. Another reason to have your lady on the inside is to signal to all the onlookers that she is walking with a man. People driving by are more likely going to see you and their thirst for your beautiful lady will die down. It won’t disappear but it will die down. We will always have thirsty people out here. (I’m cracking up!)

The second law is: the flow of traffic follows the same flow as cars. Stay to the right! The third law is: share the sidewalk. It’s amazing how many times I’ve come across people who are walking in groups but don’t know to fall in line with each other in order to let the person approaching have space to walk by. The fourth law and one of the most important of the laws are: look on comers in the eyes and show recognition. A simple head nod would suffice, but if you choose to speak that’s even better. The reason why this one is so important is because the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Say you and I are total strangers and one day we happen to be walking down the street about to cross each other’s path. We look at each other and have a Hi and by; that is facial recognition. One day you may be out and about and something happens to where you need help and I happen to cross your path again. I would be more inclined to help you, just from the one time we crossed paths. In my head I’ll be thinking, “Oh that’s that one guy/girl who lives around the way from me that I saw however long back. Let me go see if they need my help.”

To the ladies I guess you do have to be a little more cautious about the last law. Use your discernment at all times. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we judge books by their covers every day. If you look at a man in his eyes you will be able to see his intentions. Just know that every guy that says hello isn’t trying to be on you or approach you. There still are some cordial fellows out here that are just saying hello to say hello.

If I left a law out or you would just like to comment, please do so below. As always thanks for reading this and stay tuned. There will be many more thought-provoking articles to come.

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