The Time is NOW!

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“Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today!” I know way too many people who are waiting for the right moment to put themselves out there, never realizing that the right moment is now. Now is the only time that we have. You can’t change your yesterdays and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed; therefore you should always learn from the past in order to plan for your future, but you must live in the now. I hope that you are using this precious time wisely!

Go Hard or Die Easy!


  1. yep I am one of those people who always procrastinate about putting myself out there

    1. Author

      Brother nidotopianwarrior, thanks for commenting. Procrastination is something that effects us all. But we must learn to get over it because we procrastinate out of fear. Fear is the biggest crippler in life. It can and will hold us back from accomplishing a lot of great things if we allow it to. Much love to you god!

    1. Author

      True indeed, queen! And I don’t intend on wasting mine.

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