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Let’s jump right into it. The name of this article presents a great question for us all. When is it the right “Time to Gather?” Spending time together with family and friends should be high on our priority list but do we choose to pay attention or care. Sometimes it’s essential and worth the time to slow down your life to spend valuable moments with individuals near & dear to our hearts. However, there’s two ways to look at it. This topic is very touchy, depending on the relationships you have. Many situations could have pros & cons, therefore, these moments sometimes could present issues and be problematic. I’ll discuss further in the following paragraphs.

First, ladies and gentlemen we’ll talk about the holiday season. The holidays are viewed as happy occasions. Therefore, it’s promoted and encouraged to spend these occasions with close friends and family. This ideology could be a positive if one has a strong and loving family/friend structure. However, imagine if you’re alone with no one around. Maybe you’re a person dealing with a financial hardship and unable to contribute monetarily. So, depending on who you talk to, there’ll be different thoughts about the holidays. Hopefully, the holiday season will be an enjoyable one.

Now, I want to switch gears to a more somber note. The recent attacks in Paris have brought many together. This terrible circumstance has provided a spotlight on our society. In a dark, sad moment, you can see people coming together to show homage. In the case of the mass attacks abroad, an extreme high level of love, care and respect have been displayed. The act is also showcased for funerals. Again, depending on which individual you speak with, these moments show a glimpse of positivity. A funeral can reunite people that haven’t seen nor spoke to each other in weeks, months, or years..!! Possibly these events could lead to people aspiring to live more fulfilling lives knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised. I mention these points because positivity can come from sad moments.

I wrote this article to present two different viewpoints for the scenarios. The question stands, “when is the appropriate or right time to gather?” In my opinion, I believe there’s no wrong time to gather. No matter the subject at hand, there’s no reason to not share the best or most painful moments with those closest to you… My point is, make it a point to spend time together any chance you get. Don’t wait until the holidays, don’t wait until a loved one is lost to get together.. The time is now. I think this is an excellent time to discuss this topic. Hopefully, I helped many people to see these moments through a different lens. Continue the conversation and thank you for reading. As always, I appreciate Mr. Green for allowing me to shine on this great site..! Until next time, old man Rob signing out.


  1. Brother Rob, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to write a such an insightful article. Thank you for helping myself and others to put a different and valuable meaning to our daily lives. You dropped this piece in perfect time for the so-called Holydays. It shouldn’t take a disaster or holyday for us to come together but in most cases it does. I choose enjoy time with the people I care about every day no matter what the situation. I never want to look back and say, “I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve!”

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & opening my eyes….i appreciate the positive spin that you put on the topic…

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