I hate to say I told you so, buuuutttttt….

Why do people have to learn the hard way? Seriously, why? Especially if they have someone who they know loves and cares about them, who told them all the information needed to change their circumstance for the better. Why do they still choose not to listen? It’s like they want to be slapped in the face with problems. Maybe that’s the thrill of life, taking as many Ls possible until they get the picture.

I mean I hate to say I told you so, buuuutttttt……

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  1. Cliff,
    You are correct. We don’t listen. It’s human nature I suppose. It’s like when you tell a young child not to touch a hot stove. Then what happens? The kid touches the hot stove and burns her hand. She doesn’t ‘get’ it just from you telling her. She has to actually touch that hot stove to understand what you mean. As adults, we never stop viewing things that way. We need to experience it to really understand, and it doesn’t matter how smart or educated we are. That selfish part of ourselves. I remember from some psychology classes I took, our wants, desires, and impulses are there at birth and they only grow stronger as we get older. It doesn’t matter what someone may tell us is wrong, we want to see for ourselves. Maybe if we learned to stop ourselves and actually, listen, we’d have fewer problems in life.

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      True indeed! That’s the hard part tho, LISTENING! I know that even within myself, it is hard for me to listen to other people. I have that stubborn gene running through my DNA. Something that I need to work on. And work on fast. I don’t want to burn myself.
      Thanks Will, I always appreciate your input.

  2. What my friend Johnny told me once is that everyone has to have their own experiences. Wasn’t a very satisfactory answer for me but I learned over time how true it was. As my brother used to say, some people won’t listen and some people just can’t listen until their own actions open their ears and eyes. My brother was the latter. Have a good day!

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      Thanks for always stopping by and blessing my post! I must need to hear what you have said. Because my boy recently told me something very similar. HE said that everybody is here on their own journey! They have to make and learn from their own mistakes. I wish it din’t have to be this way with everything but I am starting to see that it is what it is.

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