Tomorrow never comes!

Tomorrow never comes! Think about that for a second… Did you do it? Now what do you think? Am I some quack or is this some profound truth? It all depends on how you look at it.

We like to say things that make us believe that there is a tomorrow, but doesn’t one of the most famous quotes state that “Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!” I think that quote is a misnomer. It should read the same as the title of this post. Because tomorrow never comes! As I type this I am even starting to sound like a quack to myself (LOL), but I will get to my point.

Okay let me break it down with a question that will hopefully help to make this make sense. Are you reading this now or tomorrow? Seriously think about what I am asking you! Even if you were to say that you will read this tomorrow, wouldn’t the moment that you read this be your NOW! Tomorrow never came. You can only be in the present moment. (This isn’t for people who have reached that god-consciousness and can project them-self into the future. But this will help every one else to get there.)

Tomorrow or the idea of tomorrow is to get you to not live in the present. Tomorrow will have you not cherishing, loving, enjoying and/or working to the best of the abilities that you have now! This is not to say that you shouldn’t plan for your future, because I am an avid knower in the power of writing down and organizing your objectives. Please read these two post on how planning your life out will lead to further success in all aspects of your life: Organize the Hood and Start your New Year off right.

I am living out and able to do everything that I ever imagined that I would all because I have learned to take advantage of the present moment. I have seen this lady travel and do some amazing things all because she has learned to maximize her presence. There are a lot of everyday people who are living their dreams because they have learned to maximize their now!

I pray that you do the same, because Tomorrow Never Comes!

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