Use Your Pay Stub

In Inspiration, Motivation, POWERgraph by Cliff Green

How many bookmarks are you using at this very moment? If you love to read, next time you’re reading a book instead of using a regular bookmark, use your pay stub instead. If every time that you crack open your book and see numbers on your pay stub that aren’t where you like them to be; eventually you will start to want to read and do things that will help improve your financial status in life. It will also remind you that you work for somebody and not yourself. If you love what you do that is fine but if you don’t then this tip should will help you.

Reading helps to bring that creative energy out of you. (The same creative energy that the founder of the company you work for now, used in order to start that company.) The more you read the clearer and more creative your mind becomes. And a creative mind leads to a better grind. So read more books and keep your pay stub inside of them for that daily motivation to go harder.