Valentine’s Day

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How come we wait for certain days of the year, for us to show our loved ones that they’re really loved ones?


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      People are to caught up in consumerism as Kelley stated! True love and compassion for one another has faded to the very back of heart and minds these days. There are too many things to distract people from the things that really matter which in fact are other people.

  1. I cannot and will not be prompted to show love. I know you know it’s just another way to celebrate consumerism, nothing more.

  2. I think a lot of it has to do with expectations. We see ads on television, in stores, and virtually everywhere basically, with subliminal messages that we have to spend all this money and make a lot of effort showering our loved ones with gifts, and then in turn, our loved ones expect that of us and they think it’s the gifts that equate to how much you love them. It’s all a lot of baloney. I can spend hundreds of dollars on you to make you feel good when inside my feelings might be lukewarm – or I can love you so deeply and completely and give you my time and attention and sharing a meal at Subway spending only $20. Unfortunately, people would rather have you spend your money and they make you feel guilty if you don’t spend enough. It’s the superficiality of relationships.

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