Weekend Warrior

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation by Rob Franklin

Another weekend approaches. We live for the promising thrills that awaits each of the year’s 52 weekends. “I can’t wait to get smacked drunk..!” “I’m going to blow at my house and be so high that I won’t remember my actions all weekend.” “I plan on not doing s*%^ and sit on my couch for the entire two days..” You probably get my point, people view the weekend as a haven to engage in all type of behavior such as debauchery behavior, gluttony, laziness, etc. I don’t blame you, people take on habits of their culture, media and/or social contingents. On a flip note, we can use that unity/connection to create a better society. We as a whole have the power to do some really amazing things but that’s a discussion for another day. I won’t digress, I’ll stay on topic.

Typically, the American way is to spend the entire work week at a mindless job or employed with an occupation that one dedicates every fiber of his/her being to chase the almighty dollar. The earthly symbol of power and stability. When the weekend approaches, we are told/conditioned to act in two different ways. Society tells us to “turn up.!” We got to hit a club for the b%#@&^$ or hit the bar to get wasted… On the contrary, we also think it could be a time to take a load off/relax, watch tv, etc. You deserve it, that’s what the majority of everybody else is doing.

If we’re to adopt the American way, where does working out come into play? How about increasing your knowledge of the bible and improving one’s spiritual connections? How about volunteering to improve someone’s life or giving back to our communities in many positive ways? How about learning something new; productive to your being by reading a magazine/book or researching at your local library? Silly me, this all sounds like work to many. There’s no fun in those things but I guess that’ll depend on what type of individual you are.   

I engage in these activities everyday. However, I use the weekend to amp up my involvement in such activities. To the point of this article and title “Weekend Warrior” I live for the weekends.!! Not to adopt the American way but to empower my mind, body and spirit on a higher level.! Think to yourself, “am I fulfilling my existence?” “What’s my purpose?” These are just my thoughts.. Thanks for your time. Thanks for reading and most importantly, big thanks to Cliff for allowing me to share/contribute to this great site!! Old man Rob signing out…