What’s Your Kid’s Business Plan?

In Knowledge by Cliff Green

How are you raising your kids? As a black father that can’t get a job because the system is set up to make it severely difficult for you to obtain one, are you raising your children to be better than you? Are you raising your kids to be leaders and employers (not employees)? Are you cultivating their minds with math, science, business acumen, history and knowledge of self? Or are you one of those parents that allow your kids to watch and learn life through a TV screen, cell phone or tablet? Do you buy your kids all the things that you have never had growing up?

We have to start raising our children to do and be better. As I wrote in Family Equals Perfection, you are your children’s god. Too many people give their kids options, not realizing that what they say is the ONLY option a kid has. If you pay attention to history, you will realize that most people who are great at something or are inventors and creators, their parents were strict on them growing up. For example, Venus and Serena Williams are some of if not the greatest tennis players to walk this earth. One thing that they had along with all the other great people of this world was a strict parent. At a young age their father instilled within them the value of hard work, dedication and determination. Teaching his kids those value was an investment in theirs’ and their family’s future. You see where they’re at today!

So what’s your kid’s business plan? I used the Williams sisters as an example because they are great at tennis but are also disciplined and smart enough to run their own businesses. Not to be rude but I don’t want hear about how you plan on your kid becoming the next great athlete. That is a pipe dream. I want to know how you plan on cultivating their minds to be great at everything that they put their time and dedication to. So leave a comment of dedication in the section below.

It’s now or never! What do you want your children’s future to be?