Where’s the Love?

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Proverbs 13: 24 reads, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” We must go back to the olden days when our communities were actual communities. The old heads always talk about how back in their days, if they were to get caught doing something wrong, the whole community; teachers, neighbors, and elders in general would take it upon themselves to discipline them. They always say that when they got home he or she would get it again from their parents. I want to know what happened. When did the disconnect between the elders and the youth happen? These days it seems as though the elders are scared or want nothing to do with today’s youth.

Yesterday, I was in Baltimore riding on a bus that happened to be packed with a bunch of high school students. And as usual they were loud and obnoxious, but to be honest I don’t have a problem with that, that is just what teenagers do. My only problem is that in this day and era they don’t have the same respect for the elders as we did when we were their age. For instance, when we were teens we acted up and was loud, but the difference is that if we were in a public atmosphere we at least tried our hardest to not cuss and when we did we looked around for any elders so that we could apologize to them. The teens today don’t do that anymore. They just let the filth fly out their mouths with no regards for who is around. So all this filth and ignorance is happening at the back of this packed bus. I’m standing in the front next to a guy who just keeps saying, “stupid kids!” I’m thinking to myself like, “Yeah they are stupid but nothing is going to change if no one ever says anything to them.” I wanted to make my way to the back but the bus was over packed to the point where the driver wasn’t letting anyone else on.

All the students ended up getting off of the bus at the next stop and I missed an opportunity to say something. I don’t know if it is just me and my love for our youth, but I don’t mind speaking and working with them. I actually enjoy/ love it. And after writing that I believe I answered my own question. Over the years I realized that kids love being around me. And they listen to what I have to say. Maybe because I look young and still dress with a youthful appearance, but kids just want to know that the people around them really care for them. Because even when I give a kid tough love they know that it’s out of love. And that is how we can bridge this disconnect between the youth and elders. We have to bring back a sincere love for one another. But to the elders, you have to realize that most of the time the youth aren’t just going to walk up to you and ask for advice, you have to be the bold one. A few kids may brush you off, but there will be the ones that are looking for the guidance of an older person.

I along with you should try to say something encouraging to a young person everyday. Call a random young lady a princess, I bet it brightens up her day. Because a lot of the kids today never even heard anything of the sort before. I am living proof that this method works. I said, “Excuse me young queen!” to this teenage girl before because I needed space to get by her and she lit up. As I walked by I heard her say to her friends, “Aww!!! No one has EVER called me that before!” So I’m going to make it a requirement that I try to call a young women a queen and a young man a king everyday, I think you should as well. Let’s work to change their outlook on themselves and in turn it will change how they view the world and how the world views them.

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this situation.

Peace and agape love to all the kings and queens out there.


  1. Im diggin this new set up!!! Wow, you really spruced this thang up LOL Im so proud of you!!! Excellent post btw, this is so relative to what we are constantly dealing with on a regular basis. Just from my observation and own experiences a lot of times why adults seem hesitant about approaching our youth is because their scared. I think one of the reasons why is because our youth can be intimidating. Or just very defensive and on edge and there are several factors that play into why they would react in such a way. Consequently, I feel more adults, including myself need to be more expressive in expressing our concerns and love for our youth. Whether we are simply saying,’ hey watch your mouth and respect your elders . ‘ or ‘pull your pants up!’ something needs to be said to bridge the gap. There is a hug gap within the community that really needs to be nurtured and its going to take effort from everybody. so if people are that afraid, i guess we better start suiting up because its about to be a war 😉

    1. Author

      That war is happening right on American soil. Troops and military equipment all through our neighborhoods. If the people, youth and elders of all colors, don’t wake up they may get caught in this fire that is looking like it can’t be put out. They’re not just in “black” neighborhoods either. People better start paying attention.

  2. I totally agree with part of the problem being the male missing from the home, and also with the babies raising babies comment.
    I am a youth leader in my church and I’m heavily involved in my teens’ lives. I always say I would hate to be a teenager in this day and age. I feel like so many of them are just lost.
    This generation frustrates me and breaks my heart because they are not even aware of how powerful they can be. In these days of social media they have the capability to make strides that generations past could have only dreamed.
    But I vow to continue to do my part and make the difference with the lives I come into contact with.

    Love you to life cousin! You keep doing your thang!

    1. Author

      I love you too cous! In my opinion, social media makes it possible for people to connect with more people than we normally have been able to in the past, but it is also a distraction. It’s called “Social” media, but most people are losing their true social skills. People can barely talk to people in the public. So in tune with their phone and whatever people are doing in “social”l media, that they can’t even see what’s in front of them. But its going to take for queens like you to keep doing what your doing to make positive impacts in these kids lives. Kids recognize real love when it comes from elders and they appreciate it.

  3. People are scared to speak up nowadays because today’s youth are so fast to shoot, that might be your last words. Are you willing to take that chance? The reason we are having these issues is because babies and raising babies and there is no discipline in the home. We got parents blowing weed in front of or with they kids. Parents thinking it’s funny when their kids are cursing. The mindset of our youth are right where THEY want it to be. And we the little mice, falling for the trap.

  4. Hey son you did it again I am going to try and do what you suggest since my position at work gives me plenty of oppurtunities to do just that love your new set up keep going strong love mom

    1. Author

      Thank you mom for commenting. Having the creator of my life enjoy what I write about means much more to me than anything else. I love you mom!

  5. This is EXACTLY what is needed with the for the youth. They have ZERO structure and ZERO fear of elders. Part of it is not having a male present in the house and the other part is actually most adults fear these kids because of the gun violence which is understandable to a point. What needs to be realized is that these are kids and they are mostly still soft on the inside,still wet behind the ears as some say lol. Along with you I always interact with the youth and a lot of times just showing a little love and support take them a long way. I’m glad you wrote this piece because it’s exactly what a lot of adults need to hear as well. P.S. the new setup is dope!!

    1. Author

      I’m laughing at your “still wet behind the ears” comment. The only way to heal from this situation will be complete love for one another. We have to show the youth moor of it, a lot moor. Amore (A-Moor)

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