Where’s your money at?

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I heard a song a while back by some rapper that I can’t remember the title of but what he said in the track was similar to what most rappers speak about in music these days. He said something to the sort of, “I have so much Ms (millions). I go to the teller and take something out and don’t worry about the amount of money that’s in the account.” He was insinuating that he has so much money that he doesn’t keep track of what he has or he just doesn’t care to keep track of the amount that he has. I get it that’s what rappers do. They like to stunt and flash their money. But I have one question; what is wrong with you’ll? You’ll consistently talk about how you blow 40 bands in the strip club in just one night but aren’t smart enough to take that 40 thousand and put one of your best boys or family members through college to obtain a degree in accounting and business management so that they can manage you and your money. Or do you’ll enjoy leaving your money in the hands of white people and “Jews” who do not have your best interest in mind. And that goes to these athletes as well.

Let’s go back to the rapper’s statement and how it promotes financial illiteracy to people. What if one day you went into the bank to make a withdrawal and the teller tells you that you have an amount in your account way less than what you thought you had. You try to dispute the situation with the teller but all this time you have been living what that rapper was spitting. You haven’t been keeping your bank receipts (evidence) nor have you been keeping track of the amount of money that’s in account. Chances are you are going to lose this dispute and whatever money that you THOUGHT you had but didn’t KNOW for sure. Now you’re pissed and your whole day, probably the rest of your week is going to be depressing. In order for a situation like this to never happen to you the best thing to do would be to keep all of your bank receipts. I keep all of my receipts to show where I have been spending my money. Plus certain purchases can be written off on your taxes at the end of the year. It’s not that hard to do. All you need is an envelope or a shoe box to put them in. And voila you have just become your own accountant.

Another thing that I have noticed that a lot of people do especially all of my boys that do what they do, they carry their money so sloppily. They stuff it into their pockets any and every which way. They put it in different pockets. It usually falls out when they go in their pocket to pull out their phone or whatever they may need at the moment. We have to seriously learn how to become financially literate. Why work and grind so hard to get the money but the second you turn around you lose the money? Learn to organize your cash. Get a wallet, money clip or even a simple rubber band and keep track of your money. Know how much that you have on you along with how much that you have in your bank account. Quit living your life guessing all the time. Take control of your finances.

Make a budget and a checklist of all the necessary things that you have to spend money on. For example:

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Utility bills
  • Car note, insurance and gas
  • Food for the week or month
  • Phone bill
  • Credit card bill
  • School loans
  • Miscellaneous

Please do a YouTube or Google search for Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Claude Anderson. They will teach you a lot about finances and how to become financially free.


  1. Good article sir. I appreciate the principles you highlight in this reading. As far as black folk, we definitely tend to receive our money only to give it right back to people of other ethnicities. I heard someone say before that the black community should strive to allow his/her money to circulate throughout the community/our people about 10 times.. Simply meaning we should invest in each other as far as businesses, services, schooling of each other (as mentioned in this article), etc. It’s a good common practice/logic in order to build our communities up financially.

    1. Author

      It seems as though it would be logical for us to do but somehow we just don’t get it. There were and are thousands of other people bringing the same message but we as a whole still seem to hold onto that can’t do anything without our massa mentality. I hate to be that guy that comes off negative with my comment but you know me and you know that I am always happy, but I have to be honest about our situation and its a negative one. Hopefully the message will be heard.

  2. This is a prime example of why we black people who make up about 12-13% if the population are the number one consumers. Many of us are influenced by rap. We think it’s cool to do what the rappers SAY they do. I learned a little while ago that sometimes these strip clubs give rappers and athletes money to throw. It’s a great advertising tool to people who are ignorant to what really matters. Think about it. If I’m a white club owner who can care less about a “nigga” why not give you 20,000 to throw that night to advertise my club. Now I have many many many more people coming in and trying to out do that $20,000 I gave to lil Wayne to throw in the club. That turns into a ridiculous profit. I’m glad you wrote this article because we as a people most definitely need to be more educated on this subject. Thanks for the tips and the direction to those videos on YouTube. This article,as always will be passed on to others.

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