Who are you going to call?

In Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

With everything that is going on in today’s world it amazes me that a lot of people still refuse to face reality. I have noticed that people are more concerned about actors, musicians and athletes than they are their own family. They call their names more than the people that they know in real life. This isn’t to throw shade at those people, but how come we do not realize that in the court of a king those people would be nothing more than jesters. They are entertainers. Entertainment has been used since the beginning of time to keep the masses from focusing on things that truly matter!

I am saying this because today literally today, I finally watched the Jesse Williams speech that you all were loving so much. No shade towards him because it was a good speech, but back to the first paragraph of these people being entertainers. I’m guessing since someone said on TV what I and others have been saying for years, the same message now gets high acclaim.

I hear people screaming that we need to support black-owned businesses. We need to do this black and do that black. But when the people who you KNOW are doing that stuff, where is all the support that you were screaming about at? I have a site, this site, where I literally have put out enough knowledge to wake the people up, but is the support there? Am I asking for monetary support? No! I am asking these things because if people who know me and what I am about can’t support me; how are they suppose to support other black people who they don’t even know? This goes for all the others out there that are doing the same thing.

We are to caught up on worrying about entertainers instead of worrying about the people who truly matter. When you needed that helping hand, who did you call? Me or the person on TV? I’m just saying.